Former child actress Valerie Bertinelli lost over 50 pounds to grace the cover of People Magazine. How did the stunning 48 year old get back into a bikini? She used the famous cinnamon and honey diet!

Honey is well known around the world as one of Mother Nature’s miracle weapons in the war against aging and weight gain. New research has revealed it can be twice as effective if it’s combined with ordinary cinnamon. Bertinelli speaks at length in the People article about how it assisted in her weight loss regimen.


So how does it work? You can enjoy all the food you like, get healthier and lose unwanted pounds with the powerful and tasty famous diet, rich in two essential natural ingredients: honey and cinnamon.

All you have to do is make sure that you use both liberally in your cooking.

In addition, experts say you can help ugly bulges melt away by starting your day with two tablespoons of honey mixed with one teaspoon of cinnamon in a glass of warm water. Repeat this cocktail before going to bed.

With the beach season months of summer ahead, adding these natural flab-burning ingredients to your diet is timely. And the warm beverage is recognized by nutritionists as an appetite suppressant, as well as a warm and formidable tonic for warding off illnesses.

You can read more about the miracles of cinnamon and honey, such as treating arthritis, colds and high blood pressure, by clicking here.

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  1. I saw the cover.. She really was gorgeous.. The magazine will surely sell as her diet methods were amazingly effective.. She will serve as an inspiration to many, most especially to those who lost hope of becoming slim.. Congratulations Valerie.. You're amazingly beautiful..

    • I started with the Cinnamon and Honey on March 9 2009. I did not change my eating habits, nor start any exercise routine and to date, I have lost 10 lbs.

  2. I think it's diet, liposuction, airbrushing, and lots of exersize…but I love cinnamon and honey so I'd try it…whatever works including surgical crap…we're all only judged by society's version of beauty and eternal youth – so why not?

  3. is that for real kiwibird? did you exercise and eat less too?
    I'm curious, i need to lose 20 lbs. in order to show a waistline.
    I'd appreciate a response. Thanks

  4. looks like they pasted her face on somebody else body or really did a bad job on the airburshing on her face…seemed by her pictures befroe she did not have to much weight to lose…..

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  6. im 47yrs old started the diet 2weeks ago what i need to know is how long before i lose and can i drink cocktail cold also is it one teaspoon honey to one teaspoon cinnamon.

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  8. I received an email that stated "it is found that Cinnamon and Honey mixtures cures most illnesses". In this email it is said that the information came from the January 17, 1995 issue of the Weekly Workd News, a magazine in Canada. Unbelievable all that it can do. Yes, I'll git it a shot , what do we have to lose!!!!! I'd love to see the January 17, 1995 edition of that magagazine.

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