Today is the fortieth anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s mysterious death.  Is he still alive?
Jimi Hendrix reportedly died 40 years ago, but there are mysterious circumstances surrounding his death and a there is continuing controversy about the estate he left behind – including his unreleased music.  His music continues to influence musicians of every generation and his songs are still played everywhere.
Some believe that Jimi still walks this earth.

The last person to see Hendrix alive was Monika Dannemann, a German figure skater and actress who was staying with Hendrix at the Samarkand Hotel in the Notting Hill neighborhood of London.  Her stories about what happened that  changed over the years.  An autopsy done on the (reported) body of Jimi Hendrix ruled that Hendrix overdosed on a mixture of red wine and sleeping pills, then drowned in his own vomit.
But is this the truth?  Is that all that was found in Hendrix’s blood stream?
Monika Dannemann claimed she and Hendrix were engaged, and that he was going to leave his girlfriend of three years, Kathy Etchingham – something Etchingham vehemently denies. There British newspaper The Independent termed the fight between Dannermann and Etchingham a “26 year cat fight.”
Dannemann published a book in 1995 titled The Inner World of Jimi Hendrix : The Real Jimi – and the Truth about His Death – Revealed by His Fiancee.  Etchingham wrote her own memoir, Through Gypsy Eyes, and in it says that Dannmann had only known Hendrix few days. Dannemann and Etchingham sued each other. Dannemann lost and two days later committed suicide.
Did Dannemann kill Hendrix?  Did Hendrix instead just simply choose to disappear?
Many have questioned the circumstances surrounding Hendrix’s death. There are many conspiracy theories. In 2009,  James Wright, a former roadie for the Animals, published a book claiming Hendrix’s shady manager Mike Jeffery admitted he’d had Hendrix murdered. The book alleges Jeffery knew Jimi was actively seeking new management, was overwhelmed with debt, and owned a $2 million insurance policy on his star client.
Did Jimi want to live a more peaceful, spiritual life out of the spotlight?
Jimi Hendrix left no will. He fathered two children out of wedlock, but his own father, Al Hendrix, legally denied them any claims on the Hendrix estate, to which he became sole heir.  Jimi’s family, friends and lovers have been fighting over his money ever since.
As with many rock stars and music icons (like Michael Jackson), money seems to be the root of all evil.
There are many rumors that Jimi is still alive.  Several people saw a man in Corrales, Mexico in 2009 that they swore was Jimi.  Here’s a picture that was taken of the man:

So, is Jimi alive?
No matter what you believe.  His music is eternal.  Here’s a taste:
Like A Rolling Stone:
Purple Haze:
What does it mean?
Lulu Show, 1969
Wind Cries Mary

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