NEW YORK, NY – One man has given his cats a life that any other cat would envy!
If you’re a cat and Craig Grant is your owner, than your pretty much living a sweet life. Grant didn’t always love cats – actually he borderline hated them. Thanks to his son, however, that slowly changed.
When his son moved out of the house, he left his cat Pepper behind. It turns out that Pepper was pregnant and shortly after gave birth to five kittens. Grant was about to give them up for adoption when his son told him that the kittens had to stay with their mom for at least 8 months. “It wasn’t long before the kittens were swinging from my curtains,” he notes on his website.
Well that was the start of a beautiful relationship between Grant and his cats. He developed a fondness for the felines – so much so that he purchased a 30 acre piece of land and built his collection of cats a beautiful “cat village.” In 2003, Grant had 11 cats. That number has gone up a few today – 660 total cats.
The cat habitat – Caboodle Ranch – takes up barely 5 acres of the 30-acre piece of land. The ranch has the seal of approval from the Tallahassee Humane Society and the Tallahassee/Madison County Animal Control.
Each individual cat costs about $550 a year to tend to. All of the costs come out of Grant’s pocket and donations from the public.

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    • the only person who should be arrested, or i should rather say, PEOPLE, are the ones who have cats and can"t be bothered to get them fixed so when they have babies they don"t want mama or babies so they drop them off to fend for them selves. Those are selfish worthless bastered that should be sitting in jail. Craig should get a metal of honor for taking on the resposablilty of caring for these animals in needs. thats something i would do and i have seriouly considered doing for dogs. people need to learn to be responsible and get their animals fixed, then craig wouldn"t have felt the need to saved these poor things.

  1. What a great place to have. Especially for cats – they are much harder to place than dogs. God has surely blessed the life of Craig Grant. I am planning on being in the area soon and plan to stop by and will be making a donation.

  2. I am surprised that so many people care about caboodle ranch. Craig Grant should be focusing his time on the abused children, abused women, unemployed citizens… If you have enough time to build a ranch for cats, do something that actually helps society with your time

    • I do alot of work with unwed mothers… helping them get their start!
      See, your not that great of a troll, keep practicing.

    • I'm surprised you don't understand people have different passions in life. Makes me wonder just how much of a difference YOU have made in this world. You are extremely narrow minded and judgemental for someone who supposedly cares SO much for anyone or anything that needs help in this world.

  3. This guy is out of his mind!! 660 cats, what is he thinking PETA and the ASPCA should immediately take these cats from him and have him arrested. Don't you need a license or permit to have 660 of anything? Does Bat Boy know about this? I didn't see anything on cat ranches in Going Mutant

    • Apparently he does have the permits and licenses he needs. If he were abusing or neglecting these cats it would a crime, but the cats are being well taken care of, loved, and are no longer strays. Too bad there aren't a million more like Mr. Grant–we would have far less cats being starved, abused, tortured, or killed, and less unwanted kittens being born.

  4. Big Fan and C. Daniels..
    C. Daniels….Do your research… Caboodle ranch is a recognized cat rescue 501c3…
    Big Fan…what do you do 100 hours a week to help society? It always suprises me when people decide that THEY have the right answer for what other people SHOULD be doing. After you have volunteered for 100 hours a week for about 7 years as this guy has… then you can be the judge…

    • Here here! Glad to hear someone has lloked into the ranch and sees the amazing work he does. For the people above, I've never seen so many negative people than on this site. Animal lovers are everywhere and he isn't asking for your opinion. He's just one man with alot of land and alot of love trying to help the helpless that YOU probably threw away. Why don't YOU help society and shut up.

  5. What Craig is doing is wonderful. For all of you who feel that he should focus on causes that you feel are important-just what exactly are YOU doing to make the world a better place? Are your working with abused childen? Feeding the hungry? Working at a homeless shelter? If not, that shut up. Period.

  6. The work this man is doing is wonderful. He is generous and selfless. Let's not judge one another but praise, encourage, and support one another. Let's turn away from anger, as Craig has. May we all be inspired by his devotion and kindness.

  7. Today i visited Caboodle Ranch & I know that Craig is doing a beauitful & kind work by taking care of these cats. I know these cats are treated with love & care because by the affection & love they gave me when they saw me for the first time. Also the care & living conditions that Craig provides for them is excellent. I also saw the intereaction of Craig & the cats & it speaks outloud that this cats are very well loved.

    • Thank you Roger ! I have worked with Craig for 4 years now, and he's a wonderful soul. So glad you got there and met all the caboodles. I just don't understand folks that think someone should do and think like them. We all have our passions as Jessica stated above. And Craig has saved hundreds of little lives and has hundreds of thousands of supporters. If they don't like it, then don't bother yourself to read about it. Blessings and purrs to you Roger! -Nanette-

  8. Today i had the most beautiful experience at Caboodle Ranch. It all started as soon as i walked towards the gates. I was greeted by so many beautiful & loving cats. Craig greeted me at the entrance & proceeded to show me the ranch. I was very impressed to see all these little houses & trails that Craig have built them & in particular one which was a Chapel. These little houses & trails are evident to me that Craigs does really care for these cats. All these houses were beautifully created different than one another. The cats were so comfortable & happy in their little homes. It takes time, love & dedication to accomodate ALL these cats in way that Craig has done it. Not only does these cats have food & shelter but also personal love & attention. This is a cause well deserved of all our help & support.

    • Hi Lari! My hubby and I build the gingerbread houses, as well as the Chapel, Walmart and City Hall. The cats love them and use them all the time! We have allot of fun making and donating them to Craig and his babies. SO glad you had a great visit! I was just there 2 weeks ago and spent 12 days at the ranch, I am already homesick for those precious cats.

  9. What a stupid thing to say! Why would PETA or ASPCA want to take animals from a man who gives them food and shelter and has them fixed?? He's helping them out more then hurting them!

  10. Caboodle Ranch should be a place that everyone goes to waste their time and forget about the real good that they can do with their lives. Someone said that a cats life is worth just as much as a humans? This is crazy talk, if you have a child would you rather loose a cat or a child?

  11. Craig Grant is doing what he loves and is most fulfilling for him. If each of the rest of us did the same, what a contented world it would be. There'd be no time to criticize what others are doing bc we'd be so busy with our own commitments.

  12. To the author of this article, Garret Hawley, is your story based on your first hand account of the ranch or is is it based on what you read off the website or other "news" stories. I've noticed most of the "news" stories all over the internet about Caboodle Ranch aren't actually quality journaling. Rather than doing their own research on the topic, I've noticed that many of these "writers" just repeat what they've read and seen online. And the only people they interview are Craig or Nannette.

  13. Also, to those who think of Caboodle Ranch as a "wonderland" for cats and Craig as a saint, I too was mesmerized by what I saw in those photos and videos on their website before I visited there. However, after my visit, I can't get the images of suffering cats out of my head. The photos and videos of what you see online are exactly what they want you to see and nothing else. Just think about it. Why do they only show pics and videos of the front of the property and Ginger Bread Lane? How come they aren't sharing photos of the inside of the trailers and holding kennels? That is where I saw the most heartbreaking sights of suffering cats. Many just struggling to breathe. Someone with authority needs to take action and get the cats and Craig help. He has taken in more cats than he can handle.

  14. why dont you arrogant narrowminded jerks go waste your time bothering somebody else…you dont even sound like people that care about people much less cats…it's because of people like you that so many animals are inhumanely mudered in shelters everyday…thats a good place for you to vent if you really want to do some good…those people are as bad as you are…from now on if anybody wants to put this man down dont forget to tell us about what great things your doing all without getting paid to do it…shame on all of you…

  15. (Part 2) Major killers of the cats are coyote attacks, upper respiratory infections, Felv/FIV, being hit by cars, and shot and poisoned by neighbors.____Go to <a href="http://www.facebook.com/caboodleranch.savethekitties” target=”_blank”>www.facebook.com/caboodleranch.savethekitties (no account required) if you would like concrete evidence of animal neglect and abuse at Caboodle Ranch. You will find eye witness testimonies and reports from officials and experts under the discussion tab. There are also photos and videos but be forewarned that they may be disturbing to some.__

  16. (Part 2) Craig Grant, the operator, fits the classic signs of a hoarder.____It’s estimated that Caboodle Ranch has taken in thousands of cats since its inception. However, recent visitors have reported seeing about 100 or less cats roaming the grounds. Cats are dying at alarming rates. Several people have taken cats there and changed their minds and went to retrieve them in as little as 24 hours to find that the cat(s) was/were nowhere to be found.

  17. (Part 1) WARNING! Don’t Send Cats to Caboodle Ranch____Don’t be fooled by the cute little houses and videos. The internet Caboodle Ranch is nothing like the real world Caboodle Ranch. Numerous witnesses have reported seeing the majority of cats sickened with illnesses, diseases, injuries, and parasite infestations. The living facilities are filthy and smell retched. Cats are left to lie in their in their own vomit and feces. Cats don’t receive proper medical attention. Craig “plays doctor” by diagnosing the cats himself and personally gives them medication and patches them up based on his “expert” knowledge. Cats are only taken to the vet as a last resort. Usually by this time the cats are too far gone. Instead of ending the suffering by humanely putting the cat to sleep, he elects to allow the cat to die a slow, painful death.

  18. I've visited Caboodle Ranch several times over the past couple of months and have been pleased to see a high standard of care for the animals, nothing even vaguely resembling abuse or neglect. Whoever is writing comments under the name "caboodlecathell" saying the "majority of cats [are] sickened" has obviously never been there and is believing outright lies posted by some anonymous fool on the internet. I don't represent the ranch and I don't work there, but I can tell you that what I've seen is Craig providing treatments on a level of you giving cough syrup to your sick child. They have a vet fairly nearby who treats the animals needing veterinary care. If your kid goes to school and gets a cold does that mean they are neglected and abused? NO! Same thing here. I think they are doing a wonderful job, and those who are trying to discredit Craig and the Ranch should stop wasting their time trying to find problems that aren't there and start trying to do some good in the world instead.

    • And another thing, from what I understand, he does not allow these cats to be adopted into loving homes. He insists on keeping all of them. That is no life for a cat. They need proper homes with far more individual attention, affection, medical attention, and love than he'll EVER even come close to giving with that many. It's unbearably sad that once the cats are there, they have no chance for a better home because he won't allow them to leave (unless they escape, which seems to be happening according to reports, since his property is not very cat-proof). This place gives me a very bad feeling in every way. Seriously, I wish the people here who are supporting this man would see reality and think about the best interests of these poor cats. It's so easy to get caught up in hero worship, even when someone is causing suffering. People tend to turn a blind eye and want to see everything through rose-colored glasses. Disgusting!

    • A. Vickers, you sound like one of the Caboodle Ranch croanies. All these people who defend Craig either:
      1. Have a vested interest in Caboodle Ranch, or
      2. Are cult followers who've never been there.
      It doesn't take a rocket science to figure out that Craig Grant is not "God" and in no way can he care for the thousands of cats that have come through those gates over the years. He said his goal was to have 3k cats. Who in their right mind sets a goal of the number of cats they want. I know….a HOARDER! If you've ever met Craig and spent enough time with him, you'll find out quickly that he's not right in the head.

    • I am not a "croanie, cult follower or vested". I have been there, I even had to give up my cats to Craig and Caboodle Ranch and rest assurred, I would NOT give my cats to a man you are describing! Craig has a heart of gold and treats these cats with such. I have dropped in unanounced and I have never seen these horror stories you people say! You can find sick people in homeless shelters, sick kids in daycare, sick cats at Caboodle but the difference is at Caboodle, they recieve medicine and love, things you will not find in homeless shelters or allowed in daycare. You people need to get a life and instead of bashing people, maybe you should help them? Is it safe to say you people are "God Fearing" because obviously no one is as good as you are! Craig is taking care of Gods creatures and he will be rewarded for such, what can you say about your actions?

    • humanehumane, don't judge by what other people say! Go look for yourself as I did and you will see he really cares for his cats, and as for the doughnuts, it's just a treat, the cats , from my visits, always have clean water and plenty of dry food until he feeds them canned cat food daily! As for adopting them out, they have wonderful place to stay now, who knows what would happen if one gets adopted out, you should know working for a shelter, just because they are adopted does not mean they will be treated well or who is to say the person adopting does not have to give the cat up years down the road? And as for your statement "Seriously, I wish the people here who are supporting this man would see reality and think about the best interests of these poor cats." How about "Seriously, I wish people here talking bad about Craig, go see for yourself before you cast that stone at glass houses?" Remember, I have been there, even unannounced, and I never saw these horrible things people talked about, and Craig lets you walk all over his property, not just certain areas! Take a chill pill and investigate, you will change your mind.

    • Also your comment about the cats suffering and not putting them down, well humanehumane, next time you get sick just tell your doctor to put you down and not try and save you! Again, take a chill pill and think before you type also. Good Luck

  19. Caboodle Ranch wants you to believe that those who are critics of the ranch is unstable and have a personal vengence against Craig. However, that is far from the truth. The people who've shared their horrible experiences and photos are people who first hand witnessed the mass suffering. These people have provided sworn testimony So many people would not committ pergury and risk legal consequences simply because they have a personal vendetta against someone. People, please be sensible. When something is too good to be true, then it most likely it isn't true. For more evidence of hoarding at Caboodle Ranch, visit FB page Caboodle Ranch: Save the kitties.

  20. The best I can say is visit Caboodle Ranch yourself and see the love Craig gives these cats! I've been there and left cats there and I know firsthand what a great place it is.

    • He did NOT take those cats in in that condition. His favorite cat, Tommy, has been in his care since birth. Tommy has FIP, which Caboodle Ranch used to excuse his deteriorating health. But what they didn't tell you is that Tommy also contracted FIV, multiple respiratory infections, ringworm, and other ailments while under Craig Grant's negligent care.

    • Get a life! Did you ever think that maybe Craig took these cats in, in that shape, only to nurse them back to good health? Again, I have been there and I never saw anything like your video depicts. I can't understand why someone would want to destroy this mans good work, why don't you go after something really happening like child abuse, drugs, rape. Heck, if you would spend this much effort on corrupt politicians, you could clean house there! Or are they your friends?

  21. This place is disgusting. Cats are dying and PETA has stepped in. How this poor excuse for a human being has been allowed to carry on this death sentence to animals given to him, is beyond belief. Thank God PETA stepped in and God bless those innocent animals in this devils care.

  22. PETA is disgusting. Someone should be investigating the evidence collectors. In this case a person ready to be charged with embezzlement herself, was the whistleblower . She was suppose to be cleaning the sick room and helping the poor animals,.Instead she filmed filth, she created. So how is that evidence ???? She is the one who should be arrested.
    Why are the police charging in and put a gun to this man's head??? ASPCA siding with PETA . They are the MAFIA of non profit. They need to get all the facts from a better source. ASPCA I'm taking a different view of. No more checks from me.
    Has anyone ever considered that cats that are dumped in these places a lot of times are already in bad shape when they arrive??? The ASPCA should know that first hand. It happens everywhere. A lot of these places don't want to mess with the time and expense. They put the animal down not giving them a far chance and time to improve after all the stress and trauma they have endured before they got to the shelter.
    There are 2 sides to every story. PETA is never wrong. Yeah, believe that lie too.
    Why did it take so long for them to do anything. Who really is the guilty party here???? What about the State laws and county ordinances?? Did they have non??? If all this was happening in a town of 350 people???? I'm sure the whole town would have known.
    What about the local SPCA and Animal Control are they not guilty of letting it go so far too????? Whole thing sounds fishy to me. He must not have been a "brown noser" to someone, he didn't seem the type..
    The state want to pass more laws?? For what??? They must have never enforced the ones they had. If it was that bad!!! Sort of letting the cat out of the bag after the fact, are they not????
    Targeting Shelters because the MAFIA says to??? What is that going to accomplish??? Massive killing of cats?? So what are they really going to gain???
    If PETA want to do something ,why don't they hire the right people to help educate these good heart ed people instead of destroying their property and well meaning humans lives.
    This poor man is already guilty according to them. What ever happened to Innocent until proven guilty????

    • omg open your eyes!! we all saw the photos and videos! thanks to peta! 700 dying suffering cats, did you miss that part? the worse hell hole of pain for cats. i hope he never has another cat.

    • Yes we saw the photos! But I have been to Caboodle Ranch and that was NOT Caboodle Ranch! Anyone can make up a video, ever wonder why it took over 5 months to make a 5 minute video? This PETA person was supposed to be giving medicine and cleaning up the place but instead, she withheld medicine and did not clean up just so she could make up the "evidence". You should "open your eyes" if you believe everything you see on video then I feel sorry for you! Yes there were a few sick cats and that is to be expected, but most of the cats were happy and well and running around having fun, remember, I was there on several occasions. I saw the cat with the eye problem, Craig had just got it back from the vets after he received it in that condition, the PETA person was supposed to be giving it it's medicine but apparantly she thought it would be better news to NOT give it it's medicine and clean it so it would look like, and be, in worse shape.

    • PETA's "proof" was way mis leading as she brought it own her self to create it, I have been there! I was never told where or where not I could go! We walked all over the ranch and believe me, it is nothing like what the video tries to make it. The sad part about this whole mess is the people who jump on the PETA video bandwagon and abuse,criticize and accuse Craig and Caboodle Ranch on just a short video and totally ignore the plan facts from people who have been there and all the other pictures of all the cats there having a blast and living it up there! If it was anything even remotely close to the video then all the other pictures could not have happened? People who live in glass houses should not throw stones! Look at ALL the evidence, not just a doctored up 5 minute video!

  23. im shocked that ppl are defending this person. we all saw the photos and videos of the 700 cats that were suffering sick and dying.! what i saw was the worse hell imaginable for those poor cats, he and all involved should be arrested. thank god that peta exposed this pit of pain. how can you hate peta when they proved their case with VIDEOS AND PHOTOS!! thats proof.

  24. Let's cut the crap! Anyone that's spent any real time looking in to this case will have found the photo evidence of the kind of condition many of the cats in Greg’s care where suffering in. If Greg had been doing half as good a job as some of you people here would like us to believe, none of those cats would have been passed the point of treatment and been put to sleep, but the sad fact was plenty were euthanized because there was nothing else that could be done for them. If you want to leave your beloved cat in the care of this moron, crack on, but I love my pets far too much to leave them in the ‘care’ of someone like this.
    This case has been heard in court and Judge Greg Parker of Florida's Third Judicial Circuit, ruled that the evidence indicated "clearly and convincingly" that the animals were not receiving proper care and concluded that Caboodle "is not able and fit to have custody of the animals." Case closed

  25. Too bad Weekly World News didn't do their fact-finding before publishing this article. This man's "Ranch" has just been raided by ASPCA and local authorities for hoarding 700 cats.
    29 cats were found dead and decomposing on the property.
    Over 100 shallow grave sites were found.
    Most of the cats had upper respiratory infections, mucus dripping from their noses, blind, had infected injuries, or malnutritioned, with no food or water found anywhere. None of the cats had ever received dental care. More than half the cats had diarrhea and or your infections. Craig Grant was just arrested on multiple counts of animal cruelty animal, neglect, attempted fraud etc


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