SOUTH CAROLINA – A 900 pound gator was caught this week by a Massachusetts woman fishing in South Carolina.
Agnes Martin caught and then killed a 13-foot long gator in Lake Moultrie this week.  Zoologists say that this is one of the most spectacular finds of the decade
WLTC in Charlotte reported that the Massachusetts resident successfully got a permit through South Carolina’s permit lottery system for the one month-long alligator season. “He was right there at the edge of the bank swimming on the edges,” Martin said. She hooked him with her fishing pole and battled for two hours to get him near the boat. In South Carolina, you have to secure the gator and get it to the boat before you’re allowed to shoot it.
It took two hours to bring in the gator that she first hooked with a fishing line. Martin says she will take the meat back home with her. She originally wanted to have the gator stuffed and mounted on the wall of in bedroom, but her husband, George, a shoe salesman in Newton, convinced her to make shoes out of the gator.  “George loves animals, especially when they are dead and on his feet.”
Martin said that her husband plans to make about forty pairs of leather shoes from the alligator.  George will be selling them for about $1,000 dollars a pair.  “I think it’s a great bargain, considering that this was a rare find.”  Martin and her husband will be back in South Carolina next week hunting for more gators.
Meanwhile, PETA is planning a shoe caper for later in the week.
See the video report of the original catch here.

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20 thoughts on “900-POUND GATOR CAUGHT”

  1. Such a extraordinary creature. Gator didn’t eat any humans. Should have not been killed, but relocated!! All For a week of internet fame?? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….

    • i agree with u because these gators or crocs are actually dinosaurs and plus they are making some the animals go extinct just for shoes life sux

  2. 40 pairs of leather shoes @ 1,000 dollars a pair. That is some business they are putting together
    Good for them–they should take some of the 600+ cats from caboodle ranch and use them for bait

    • Wow, if you don't like this article about the 900 pound aligator you must really be upset about the guy in texas who is breading mini-cows or slider cows specifically for the production of sliders

  3. I honestly think this is disgusting, license or no license. That creature was around for lord knows how long, minding it's own business just to be killed by a thrill seeker…….shame on you!!!!!!

  4. All you wakko animal lovers are freaking rediculous. What right do you have to put someone down (especially someone you have never met) and say such awful things about them. This world is full of people from different backgrounds that live different lives day after day. Just because you dont agree with it doesnt make you any better of a person. GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!

  5. Hey Folks, I'm just a red neck HillBilly who enjoys a great day outdoors and if u r lucky enough to hook a 900 pound gator then its been a good day. I bet everyone of you that have nothing good to say has skeletons in the closet. Does that make you all white trash. How about the ones who drink or smoke, white trash? I think not. So before you become so almighty think about what can be said about you and yours. Remember stone casting. Good luck with the shoe making. I would like a pair of cowboy boots myself. Where can I get a pair?

  6. The story written above is a complete lie. Her husband is a firefighter named Mark. The "fiction" above is an inflammatory piece of rubbish which was written to get angry responses from idiots who believe everything they read. Shame on all of you for judging people you don't even know.

  7. To bad the captors did not think about the fact that this was a very old and precious thing. A photograph, a release would have been a selfless, compassionate gesture.


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