On his 52nd Birthday, Michael Jackson has been sighted singing and dancing all around the world.
Today is Michael Jackson’s 52nd birthday and he has been spotted around the world, dressed in his “Smooth Criminal” costume.  He has been seen in Ireland, South Africa, Dubai, Shanghai, Manila, Rome, Barcelona, London, Moscow, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Miami, New York and Los Angeles.  Michael appears on the street, sings and dances for about thirty seconds then he disappears.
Is he alive, is he a ghost?  There’s rampant speculation all over the internet.
“It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen,” said Roger Farley of London. “He appeared on the street, sang a few short lines of the song, spun around and was gone… It was him. It definitely was him.”
Maria Lenine of Sao Paolo told reporters that she wept for hours after seeing Michael on her street.  “I can’t believe he’s alive.  But, I saw him with my own eyes.  It’s a miracle!”
Michael Jackson reportedly died on June 25, 2009 but there have been numerous Michael sightings since that time.  Recently, some people in Ireland have claimed to have seen Michael Jackson living there.  One woman, Margaret Maloney of Galway, said that she has Michael seven times in the last six months.
It makes some sense. Michael always loved Ireland.  He would often escape there to get away from the media madness elsewhere.  Jackson told reporters: “Ireland has inspired me to make a great album. I have never given up on making music.”  Michael often stayed at the Grouse Lodge or he would relax in County Wicklow.  Michael often said he wanted to move to Ireland permanently, and that he even spent time house-hunting in County Cork.
Are the Irish hiding Michael?   Are there leprechauns helping keep his hiding place a secret?
Others have claimed Michael is living in the South of France, while many have said he they have seen him in a village on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa.
WWN can not yet confirm any of those reports and rumors, but we have had numerous emails from people in Galway, backing up the claim of Margaret Maloney.   “He lives here. It’s a fact. That’s all I’m going to say,” said Aiden Killeen of Galway.
Michael Jackson lives!
Happy Birthday, Michael!
Here’s the King of Pop as the Smooth Criminal:
Could this be his message to the world?

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    • Michael Jackson is DEAD!!! Everyone wants to stop living in their own little worlds and saying they have seen Michael Jackson alive. If you want to believe that, then thats fine. but i live in the real world and the real world confirms that Michael Jackson died

    • Michael Jackson isn't dead, they just saw him at grace land with elvis. Michael Jackson's birthday is a perfect way to celbrate his partnership with Elvis!

  1. Cool picture of Michael wearing his 52nd birthday shirt. Happy Birthday you beautiful angel, King of Pop! I'm sure you're rocking the heavens. we miss you down here.

  2. The sightings have some compelling stories though. Also, the mystery surrounding his death. The unanswered questions, the no informations, the peculiar actions of many close to him and his family?? I do not agree, the world has not confrmed his death, they only announced it. I just don't wonder either way anymore. Whether he is dead or not, it is what it is..

  3. he's free, let him be….
    Whether you believe he's dead or alive please remember that this man pleaded for privacy.
    Doesn't he deserve the respect he's lacked ?

  4. É claro q Mike não morreu. É só parar e buscar informações sobre o dia 25/06/2009 até hj e verão q a cada dia surgem mais e mais evidências SÉRIAS E PISTAS EVIDENTES de q ele ta vivo sim. Agora, afirmar q ele ta morto, me desculpem amigos, mas até hj ninguém falou e pôde provar tal fato. NINGUÉM repito…E até q provem o contrário com toda a propriedade; Michael is alive!

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  6. if michael is alive i wish he would come to north carolina an dance an sing it would LITERALLY BE THE BEST DAY IN MY LIFE!!!!but if not RIP michael we miss you dearly!

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