NEW YORK, NY – The 2010 Emmys were a big success! Could next year’s be even better?!
The NBC network hasn’t exactly been the best of homes for those late night hosts. The Conan O’Brien-Jay Leno debacle has been well documented and Jimmy Fallon has been on the outside looking in when it comes to the “big dogs” of late night. Despite that fact, Fallon got his moment to shine as emcee of the Emmy Awards. Reviews are in and it seems as though he did quite alright.
Fallon’s collection of pre-taped bits and laugh-out-loud musical numbers provided a much-needed comedic jolt to a historically tedious awards show. Fallon’s success as host may serve a double purpose. His late night show on NBC hasn’t exactly garnered staggering numbers and hopefully this Emmy exposure will help sell his name and show.
“The welcoming, eager-to-please Fallon was a success…,” Time magazine said.
The Los Angeles Times said Fallon “played to his own strengths” and said the show was “energetically hilarious.”
The 2010 Emmys provided some upsets and expected winners. “Mad Men” won for best drama and “Modern Family” won for best comedy series. “Top Chef” surprised many by winning best reality competition show. To see all the winners, you can go here.
So What’s next? Well the 2011 Emmy awards of course! Time to start scouting the next host. Weekly World News has gotten word from its own star and his own intentions to hopefully host the awards show. That’s right, Bat Boy has already thrown his name into the hat.
Bat Boy’s star continues to rise and he’s involved in countless projects as of now. He helped Tiger Woods get out of his funk and actually play somewhat close to his potential at the Barclays tournament this past weekend. He’s in the running to be the next Bachelor. The sky is the limit for America’s favorite human.
“There is no doubt that Bat Boy would bring a different element to the Emmys,” said his spokeswoman. “He loves being in front of a crowd and being the life of the party. Our only concern as his management team is that he doesn’t go into the crowd and bite any celebrities. Sofia Vergara would definitely be his first target.”
There is definitely time, but Bat Boy has started campaigning.

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