NEW YORK, NY – Plaxico Buress will have more to answer to once he gets out of jail!
Jeff Feagles is a punter. While he’s good at his craft, punters don’t necessarily carry an intimidating factor with them. Regardless, Feagles has a bone to pick with disgraced wide receiver Plaxico Buress. Feagles is accusing Buress of stealing his number – time to pay up!
In the world of sports, players are very superstitious. One ultimate superstition is the cherished number. Players will go to extreme lengths to get the number they want – anything short of selling their mother for it.
When Plaxico Burress was acquired by the New York Giants, No. 17 was what he wanted. That number was already being used by Feagles – the punter. Plaxico, through his agent Drew Rosenhaus, was able to reach a deal with Feagles. Burress got the number in exchange for paying for some of Feagles’ housework. Plaxico, apparently, hasn’t shelled out a single dime.
“I never got paid for it. I asked Burress for it. Every time I went to Drew he said, ‘That’s between you and Plax.’ Bottom line, I never got paid. He basically stole my number.”
Looks like Feagles is going to go tell his mommy!
Neither player had a real sentimental connection to the number. Feagles was using the number because it was his 17th season in the league. Plaxico wanted it because he had signed with the Giants on March 17.
Watch your back Burress, there is a pissed off punter and he wants blood – or just some financial help renovating his home.

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