NEW YORK, NY – Another week, another airline mishap!
British Airways wants its passengers to know that it is sorry. It is sorry for causing perhaps the scariest moment in the lives of 275 passengers. In the middle of an otherwise-peaceful flight from London to Hong Kong on Tuesday, passengers were treated to a terrifying announcement blasted over the speakers.
“We’re about to crash,” said the anonymous message.
According to British Airways, the emergency message warning they were about to crash into the sea was played by mistake. What!?!? That is some kind of mistake to make and if that was an attempt at humor, nobody at WWN would be laughing. I personally would demand a refund on my ticket for emotional damages and reimbursement for the pants that are now obviously ruined.
“We all thought we were going to die,” Michelle Lord, 32, told The Sun newspaper.
Another passenger was reported saying, “I can’t think of anything worse than being told your plane’s about to crash.”
Agreed! I might also tack on therapist fees thanks to the fact that I would now be afraid of flying thanks to that “mistake.”
A spokesman for British Airways said an investigation was under way to discover whether it was a human error or a computer glitch.
“We apologize to passengers on board the flight for causing them undue distress,” he added in a statement.
“Our cabin crew immediately made an announcement following the message advising customers that it was an error and that the flight would continue as normal.”
Glad to see that crew is quick on their feet. What they really should have done is broken out the liquor cart and let passengers have it. I would of needed a stiff one after something like that. Get your stuff together BA.



  1. As long as they gave out free adult beverages during the scare I think british airways should be fine
    These things happen and computer glitches claiming we're about to crash happen


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