NEW YORK, NY – A love triangle is brewing and it could get ugly!
There is a new love triangle coming to shape and one man is in the center of it – whether he likes it or not. There is nothing sexy about this love triangle – just pure unadulterated hate and animosity. Two prominent late night TV hosts are vying for the love and affection of one well-respected news anchor.
Brian Williams is an anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News. His reputation precedes him and in 2007 Time Magazine listed him on the 100 Most Influential People in the World list. He has been dubbed “the Walter Cronkite of the 21st century.” Williams is also an avid fan and frequent guest on both David Letterman’s and Jay Leno’s talk shows. Bad move!
It’s no secret that Letterman and Leno are bitter rivals and don’t exactly consider each other friends. Letterman’s show, Late Night with David Letterman and Leno’s show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, have been competing with one another for ratings and late night superiority.
Williams’ allegiance to both shows is not sitting well with both anchors and just like that a love triangle is formed. Both talk show hosts want Williams to support only one – that puts Williams in an uncomfortable and unfortunate situation. Letterman started the courtship last night on his show.
“To do the Jay Leno show you have to travel all the way to California. To be on my show, all you gotta do is catch a bus,” Letterman told Williams.
Williams informed Letterman that he watched both of their shows thanks to the powers of TiVo. Another bad move – but not the worst of them!
“I like to think of you and me more as real guys as opposed to you and Jay. You and I are the real thing,” Letterman shares with Williams. To which the NBC anchor responds to with the two host’s differences. When he thinks of Letterman he thinks of Upstate New York and when he thinks of Leno it’s all “Blue collar Boston.” Now that’s a bad move!
“Blue collar?!” Letterman screams. “He’s got 400 cars! Does he give you a car every time you come out there? He’s got more cars than Avis” Letterman says.
Poor Brian Williams. Eye witnesses say that when the news anchor tried to leave the set, Letterman charged at him, grabbed him by the leg and begged him to be his best friend.


  1. If manigator gets ahold of these guys there will not be a triangle anymore and Ed anger will be hosting all of late night TV
    Maybe he should invite Cronkite to dinner?


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