NEW YORK, NY – Justin Bieber mania knows no bounds and is filtering into every corner of the globe!
Justin Bieber has been pranked and the end result was an interesting one. Bieber mania has gripped the globe and the pop star is a hot commodity anywhere he goes. Even North Korea, a highly reclusive country, would enjoy having Bieber mania grip the country – according to one group of pranksters.
An online contest to decide where Bieber should go on tour next was hijacked by a Web prank group that was encouraging voters to send him to North Korea. Bieber’s My World Tour website has Communist North Korea leading the online poll. Bieber placed no limits and that was the green light for the Web-based pranksters to strike.
The users of the website 4chan – an influential Internet subculture – made sure North Korea received over a half million votes, launching it from 24th place to 1st place. If nothing changes before the contest wraps up on July 7, it will make North Korea the winner.
The fact that North Korea is winning is highly ironic given that almost no one in the country is allowed on the Internet and the country’s restrictive media probably doesn’t give Bieber much coverage.
Regardless of the outcome, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Il and Bieber’s tour manager will already be in agreeance that the pop star won’t be making any trips to the communist country.

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