NEW YORK, NY – Two of the hottest individuals in entertainment today have decided to start some romance!
Kim Kardashian has always had the media’s attention and she’s been the fantasy of countless men. Justin Bieber’s star seems to know no limits – the 16-year-old is a millionaire and has girls across the globe going crazy over him. Both are hot commodities and Weekly World News has discovered that they are going to be hot together.
The A-list socialite and the pop sensation are an official couple. Kardashian and Bieber are off the market – for now.
“When it comes to love, age is just a number,” Kardashian told WWN.
The two became close, closer than many expected, during their Elle photo shoot. Both were playful and happy, while they frolicked in the water on a beach.
Bill O’Reilly, no stranger to meddling in the business of others, was severely disgusted with the photo shoot. He blasted Kardashian, arguing that if a 16-year-old girl was photographed suggestively with a 29-year-old man, he’d be in “big trouble.” O’Reilly needs to relax and worry about himself – let the couple live!
Kardashian appeared on “Lopez Tonight” on Tuesday, where she proceeded to say that she would date Bieber “if he was of legal age.” Clue number two.
“He definitely has this swag to him,” she said. “You just have to meet him. I thought that the shoot was all in fun. We had a good time. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.”
The first clue came way back in May. Kardashian and Bieber attended the White House Correspondent’ Association Dinner. The two were coy, with Bieber going so far as to tell E! that Kardashian was the person he most wanted to meet.
Shortly after their “first encounter,” Kardashian Twittered that she officially had “Bieber fever.” He responded to that by calling her his “girlfriend.” Joke – WWN thinks not!
After serious investigative work and borderline harassment, WWN has broken the truth.
“We’ve tried to hard to keep it a secret,” Bieber told WWN. “Society is always so judgmental and has a negative view on a situation like ours. Sure she’s older, but we click, we laugh and we enjoy each other’s company. We’re just going to roll with the punches.”

Good for Bieber. Kid has got it made right now. It’s going to be a few years before they’re hitting the club together, but Bieber doesn’t care about Kardashian’s implant problems. So it looks like a match made in heaven.

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  1. 30 year old Kim Kardashian dating a 13 year old looking boy of 16? Man thats hot. And why not, thats the trend these days. Older women going after extremely young men for tons of hot sex. I had sex with several 30 year old Kim Kardashian types when I was 13, and it was amazing. Needless to say I have alot of fond memories.

  2. Kardashian should stop being so desperate that she would date a 16 year old and Bieber should stop trying to squeeze his way into her love life.

  3. Oh well at least there happy!
    why mess with love?
    🙁 Even tho i like Justin
    i gusse Kim's one Lucky girl im not
    sending her cruddy death threts like other
    Why not let them have a chance?

  4. Hey, have to give you the option shoot me an email. I understand that BE is producing some glorious modifications to their operation and as a fellow BE blogmaster I was curious to know when you ever have heard something about it.

  5. you know why i dont think this is true because he is way to younge for a a26 year old woman n that is called harrastment and she would to jail

  6. Heyy. U guys need to leave Justin and Kim alone I kno that some of u hate one or the other but how would u feel if u wanted to date someone younger than u or older than u and then everyone was giving u trash. Leave them alone thy didn't do anything to. Besides the fact of being hitter than urselves.


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