NEW YORK, NY – One star NBA player has received advice from an unlikely source regarding free agency!
Dr. Phil and the NBA go together just as much as a cold glass of milk and warm chicken noodle soup – we’re sure there is someone out there that likes the combo. Regardless, Dr. Phil isn’t exactly the kind of mind that NBA execs are looking to for advice. Dr. Phil did, however, offer advice to LeBron James regarding his impending free agency.
Dr. Phil isn’t exactly a board-certified physician but what he lacks in medical proficiency he makes up for wisdom and common sense compiled over years of professional experience. He also has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology so if anyone can get into James’ head, Dr. Phil certainly has the credentials. He offered up his wisdom to James on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.
“Lebron James and the city of Cleveland, Ohio are at a crossroads right now. Cleveland loves LeBron, that much is clear. But LeBron has had difficulty this far expressing whether or not he loves Cleveland enough to keep the relationship going,” he said.
James could certainly have used Dr. Phil’s advice over his defeat to a busboy and the fallout that involved his teammate (former?) Delonte West.


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