LOS ANGELES, CA – One busboy might have NBA teams rethinking their free agency plans!
Lebron James is the most sought after basketball player since Michael Jordan. When it comes to anything basketball, James has no equal. At least that’s what everyone thought and James hoped for. Ricardo Reyes, also known as Ricardo the Busboy or “America’s Busboy,” made King James look like a mortal prior to Game 1 of the NBA Finals.
The two appeared on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live! Game Night” broadcast, shown prior to the game. The competitors were about to square off in a good old game of Pop-a-Shot. After comedic introductions, which made Ricardo seem like a 4th grader next to James’ stature, King James earned the right to go first. James put up a respectable 42, but Reyes was not impressed. “America’s Busboy” has earned a reputation for being quite the Pop-a-Shot player and he did not disappoint. Reyes blew James out of the water and posted a remarkable 72.
That was last Thursday and Reyes effortlessly dismantled the NBA’s reigning Most Valuable Player. Perhaps believing that Reyes needed another challenge, Kimmel arranged for the busboy to square off against NBA Legend Charles Barkley prior to Game 2 of the Finals on Sunday.
Barkley came out of the gates hot, but seemed to lose his rhythm half way through. He posted a better score of 51, but Reyes seemed unimpressed again. The busboy racked up a score of 85 and left Barkley with his jaw open – probably ready to devour some Taco Bell.
Reyes is a Cinderella story if there’s ever been one. It just so happens that Cinderella is played by a 41-year-old bald man. Regardless, Game 3 of the Finals is Tuesday and we can only wait and see who Reyes’ next opponent will be.
It seems as though Reyes has made two immortals of the game of basketball look pretty human. Perhaps it’s his turn to throw his name into this summer’s free agency hat. Shooting is a talent that never gets old in the NBA.

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