5 thoughts on “JIM NANTZ VS TIGER WOODS”

  1. JIM Nantz is totally unsuited to his job – he is supposed to be a golf expert – instead he talks when he should be quiet and when he talks he comes across as a moralist. Supposedly he has been around athletes and is suddenly offended by some verbage that is not uncommon in the sports world. Why didn't he have the microphones on the face of the white athletes. His problem is one larger than an expletive. Faldo is totally professional, knows his sport and is a pleasure to listen to – get rid of Nantz he is an sad imitation of a commentator and CBS can do better.

  2. I completely agree with Ann Golfer. Nantz is a terrible announcer of golf tournaments. He is also an obvious hypocrite, and I think a racist on top of that. He has never been able to hide his dislike of Tiger Woods. That is NOT how a professional operates. Even with Tiger's recent transgressions, he's a far better person than Jim Nantz will ever be. If Jim's tender ears have trouble with the things that Tiger says, then I have to believe he has never been on the grounds during a professional golf tournament. CBS should fire him over his recent comments.

  3. Jim Nantz is the most self-centered, egotistical, demeaning, and worthless sports announcer of the ages. He is constantly talking when he should shutup, his remarks are so stupid showing lack knowledge of golf. CBS should have learned from the fiasco Nantz made of the Tokyo Olympics but for whatever reason they keep him on. Nantz brings a mentality, presentation and professionalism he is announcing at the high school level.
    Wakeup CBS, I am wearing out my mute button evertime Nantz speaks and he does talk alot. And there's is nothing cute about his biased, prejudicial remarks about Tiger Woods. Jim Nantz has the personality of a rock, puts on an air of righteousness but has a girlfriend with a pending nasty divorce.
    I haven't seen such a pitiful person since Tammy Faye Baker…

  4. Jim Nantz is a golf race hating person to bad cbs keeps him on , thanks for a mute button i love to watch golf but
    Am rethinking watching as nantz makesmy stomach turn.


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