NEW YORK, NY – A very popular baseball player has teamed up with an unexpected partner for a commercial for Vitamin Water!
David Wright, third basemen for the New York Mets, recently got into a little GTL. For those of you that lived under a rock while The Jersey Shore made headlines, GTL stands for gym, tan and laundry. The phrase was made popular by popular by Jersey Shore “stars” Mike “The Situation”  Sorrentino and  Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio.
Vitamin Water, sponsor of numerous high profile athletes, has developed a liking for GTL. So much so that it has come out with a new commercial featuring Wright and “The Situation.” One would think that such a corporate power would not go to that level, but you would think wrong. The level being the hiring of “The Situation” to promote such a high level product when he isn’t exactly regarded as the best role model – for anyone. In addition, perhaps selling out and catching an individual on the tail-end of their 15 minutes of fame.
Regardless, the commercial deal with “situational training” and focus on David Wright’s new found fitness and production in the game of baseball. Just as soon as you think the Jersey Shore cast has disappeared, your worst nightmares come true and they’re back on TV.
Check out the new commercial.

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  1. Sorry, when I saw those pictures and GTL, the first thing that came to mind was Gay Transsexual Lesbian. That commercial is so gay, the Rev. Fred Phelps, was just outside protesting my dsl connection.


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