BILLINGS, MT – Even if Col. George Armstrong Custer had led 10,000 men against the Sioux in the 1876 battle at the Little Big Horn, they still would have been massacred – because the cavalrymen were zapped dead in their saddled by aliens from outer space!

The spacemen – whom the Sioux looked upon as powerful gods who guided and controlled their destiny – also bathed each Indian in an invisible ray that made them invincible and unable to be killed.

Experts now believe it was those protective rays that left mysterious ultraviolet “scars” in the earth at the battle site – scars that baffled scientists and historians for more than a decade.

“These scars can only be seen through special infrared scopes,” explained archaeologist Dr. Angela Day Brewer. “I and many of my colleagues had always suspected they were caused by alien beings. Now we know for certain they were.”

The scars and the incredible role played by alien beings in the famed battle known as Custer’s Last Stand came to light when computers finally managed to decipher electronic data taken from the wreckage of a UFO that crashed near Roswell, N.M. in the mid-1950s. It has long been believed that the mangled bodies of several humanoid creatures were removed from the UFO wreckage and taken to a secret site for study.

“The U.S. government doesn’t want the public to know about the dead aliens,” declared Walter Frobel, a CIA cryptographer who  helped decipher the data. “There’s good solid evidence that the dead aliens were the same beings that actually recorded the events at the Little Big Horn,” Frobel explained.

“And of course, if they recorded the events, they more than likely were the same aliens who helped the Sioux wini the battle.

“The data reveals that the aliens made certain there were no white survivors,” Frobel said. “Custer and all of his men had to die. None could survive.” Frobel said the spacemen knew they couldn’t allow a surviving soldier to tell how some Sioux warriors couldn’t be killed even when shot at point-blank range.

“According to what we were able to decode, the aliens gave the Sioux an unbeatable advantage over Custer’s 7th Cavalry – they started zapping the soldiers dead, one after the other, with laser beams.

“It was no contest.”

The CIA agent said the beings, from a star system in a galaxy billions of light-years from our own, apparently had been overseeing and controlling the development of various North American Indians, further proving the ancient astronaut theory.

“The inhabitants from that other world may even have been involved in the development of Man ever since he appeared on Earth.”

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  1. These stories are the most rediculous things I've ever heard in my entire life. I can't believe that anyone would read this stuff enough for an entire website to be dedicated to it. The worst part is that they not only read it but actually believe it. I think it's so bizarre!

  2. It should be believed .There are somethings that should be believed which does not require our own experince.We cannot expect everyone to experience the same as we experience . If that is the case we have to explore the science again and again.

  3. Wow thats more then a little off.
    #1. The U.S. Force was 647 Men.
    #2. 268 U.S. Men Were killed.
    #3. 55 Were wounded.

    In case the publisher is bad at math.. That means that plenty of White's Survived.
    It's just that none of General Custers group survived.

  4. Hahaha what a load of sh*te! I mean I'd go along with the ancient astronaut thing and it shows in history through drawings but to think soft lad Custer was killed by indestructable Indians suggests the publisher has been watching the outer limits and sci fi stuff too much… U'd make a good film director mate maybe consider a career change

  5. yes my friends its true ……Man was actually planted here many moons ago but first the old dinosaurs had to go other words the experiment couldn't have worked because we just couldn't be constantly eaten all the time could we ….the pyramids in both south America and egypt were the visiting stations and landing bases for getting us here in the first place ……..we are needed for future space travel because we are more suitable for battle than them .we do however have a spirit and this is confused with religion as the Spirit is actually the Alien but in our bodies , plus we do come back in future bodies of the human form and that explains reincarnation ………..and you might ask the question !! why did the more senior fathers not just plant us here with all the knowledge and make things quicker and speed things up a bit ? Well we needed to be taught as we developed through the ages plus we are actually speeding through this like a school term anyway …………..and the word " school " might just be an appropriate description for our existence here on earth .

  6. part 2 …..Ghosts you may ask !! what about them ? These are failed students that have to wait until an alignment for their door to open so that they are judged and sent to a more suitable assignment for their level .[ you've never heard of a stone age ghost have you ] ghosts were young aliens in human bodies that made bad judgments or caused pain to others ……ill explain it like this !!! They are out in the corridors of the school and are waiting to be called into the heads office !!!
    So give me a question and ill definitely answer it .

  7. aliens were at war.

    ones who were against creating humans vs ones who wanted to create humans.

    much similar to our WWII and story goes on.

    now aliens are watching over us. (aliens must like our entertainment)

    there are even rumors that aliens are disabling our Nuclear Weapons.

    and so on


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