SANTA BARBARA, CA – The recent wildfire that destroyed dozens of homes in Southern California was started by flame-throwing UFO!

A shocking photo taken by a passing motorist clearly shows an alien spacecraft shooting dozens of shafts of electricity to Earth from the night skies high above the trees.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” says hiker Morris Reardon, who was driving home in the late night hours of May 4th.

“I saw a huge saucer-shaped craft flash into sight from out of nowhere. My camera was on the seat beside me and I grabbed it on impulse.

“I snapped the first photo as the thing started shooting jagged fingers of electricity onto the trees below, setting them off like torches. Before I knew it, the entire area was blazing.”

Reardon says he was hesitant to come forward until the next day when he heard the blaze was raging out of control. “The reports said the Jesusita Fire was started by an electric tool on the 5th, not the 4th.”

“Well, I knew that wasn’t right, so I called the authorities to tell them what I’d seen. An hour later, some men came to my home claiming to be federal agents. They questioned me and confiscated my photos and negatives. They said they’d get the pictures back to me but I haven’t heard from them since. Luckily, I held one picture back.”

Both the FBI and the Defense Department deny any knowledge of the photos and will not comment on Reardon’s story. But one high-ranking insider says the military is taking the information “very, very seriously.”

“The Air Force is poring over those photographs looking for a link between the fire and 14 other recent fires in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Oregon,” said the source, who declined to be identified.

“These fires may all have been the result of that spacecraft. As we speak, Air Force Intelligence is trying to locate the UFO and possibly engage it in open warfare. But so far, they’ve been unable to find it.”

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    • The picture looks like a normal lightening strike from the clouds. But it never rains in California, so it has to be a fake.

  2. Interesting to note that right after this fire was brought under control the California State Gestapo, er Assembly, "rushed" to pass legislation banning outdoor smoking in State Parks and used the fire as their excuse. Will wildfires still scourge the California drylands with their Santa Ana Winds now that smoking was banned? Of course they will. The state solved nothing other than institute another politically correct smoking-ban. Will Californians never learn. Pretty soon everything will be banned in California as it goes the route of "soft totalitarian" UK. Chances are an UFO could have in fact started a fire – and they'd still use that as their "excuse" to "rush through" another ban against smokers. Maybe when their deficit implodes the state and they managed to forego all the tobacco tax they can figure out what their last 13 years of no-exceptions "war on smokers" resulted.

  3. This I didn't see…but while the local news was filming a helicopter dropping water, Something did fly across the horizon. It was low in the mountains. Flying perpendicular to the coast, between the last couple of ranges. Could be a reflection of another plane working on the fire, but it was moving just too fast. It's really the only con I can think of for it…I have it on the camera, I'll youtube it under the same title in a couple days.

    Goleta CA, 93117

  4. We are here to Conquer… humans as a species, are a plague on everything they come into contact with, as can be seen by the way they treat the environment and the animals around them. Therefore we have decided to come and clean up the environment, by slowly destroying that which is causing the biggest problems on this planet… human beings!

    Clatu Barrada Niktou.

  5. Yeah right, that fire started during a hot and windy DAY, not night. I was there and had to evacuate from my home the DAY it started! This is as fake as fake gets.


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