MONTAUK, NY – An unearthly creature has washed up on the shores of Long Island, leaving some to wonder if it is related to last year’s Montauk Monster.

Last year, four friends stumbled upon a hideous corpse on the beach in Montauk, Long Island. They took photos and reported it to a local newspaper. The beast’s picture soon ended up on popular blog Gawker.com and quickly spread across the Internet.


Some speculated it was a decaying raccoon or dog corpse. However, the body was not recovered, so it has never been officially identified.

However, another strange beast washed up on Southhold, Long Island last week! The discoverers contacted Nicky Papers, who owns Montauk-Monster.com, to come out and examine it. Despite fearing it may be a hoax, he drove out to find the corpse laying there, and quickly took photos and video.



Papers wrote that the original finders took the carcass home and are keeping it on ice for the time being, to avoid the disappearing body of the first Monster. It reamins to be seen if any labs will take him up on his offer of having it tested.

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  1. the first one kind of looks like a dead goat, if there even is any in Long Island. but i'm curious to find out what the second one will turn out to be… very interesting!

  2. For starters… FIRST POST! HA!

    Okay now… I am convinced that this is some crazy high-bred creature from the Isle of Dr. Moreau. Quite frankly that is the only logical explanation.

  3. omg! you found my mother-in-law! she just kind of wandered off… she's been doing that lately. i think she has the mad cow.

  4. Well,regardless of what your opinion is of what this creature is,it is a mystery.
    I personally think there is some experimental testing going on somewhere(and not just because I have been watching FRINGE lately;)
    But,it possibly could be a turtle without a shell,but if this is the second one in less than a year,what are happening to turtles out there that they are losing their shells?
    Dog? Pig?
    Okay,well,why are they showing up in this condition and from where?
    I just hope this one wont magically disappear like the first one…..

  5. Seriously! Are we all so out of tune with nature!? It's a F*$&ing Racoon carcass! Duh! I've seen hundred of them! Animals die, sometimes washing up on a beachfront! how exciting!? There's a rooting one one the trail I walk into on my weekly fishing expeditions. Shall I take decomposing pictures of it and sell it as a "monster'!? I guess I will! Take pictures, preserve the remains in a cooler, sounds pretty spooky to me! Hopefully I'll make a few bucks!


  6. I'm not sure if you are aware, but it really looks like the Really simply syndication registration url isn't really functioning correctly. I tested clicking on it earlier and it sent me to a 404. .. just a little heads up!


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