Alien balls are being found all over Mexico!
The alien balls or “Zeeban Orbs”  are being called the most significant extraterrestrial find (evidence) in the last 100 years.


“The balls are from Planet Zeeba and represent ‘offerings of peace’,” said Dr. John Malley of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.  “The Zeebans have come here to help humans save Earth and these golden balls will help us in ways we do not know yet.”
Some of the golden orbs were found in Teotihuacan, an ancient, abandoned city about an hour north of Mexico City.  This is significant because extraterrestrial experts say that Teotihuacan is “ground zero” for alien spirituality.  “The Zeebans are obviously gathering in Mexico and preparing to reveal themselves to all humans.”

The orbs appear to be golden.  Scientists told WWN that the golden color comes from jarosite, which forms as pyrite—or king’s gold—oxidizes.  Back in 300 AD, similar balls were used in ceremonies or rituals.  The beautiful, glimmering balls of gold are signs of peace, love and harmony.


Mexicans that have seen the balls are saying that they feel and overwhelming feeling of love for their fellow man.  “Once you look at a golden ball, you don’t want to look away.  They make you feel like you are in love with the universe.”

Experts predict that aliens from Planet Zeeba will emerge from the alien balls and introduce themselves to humans – within six months.

WWN will be there to report on the Zeebans arrival.


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  1. Yes iideed we are among you .After we have exterestal relarions with humans unual things start to happen too us ..But we are many and we will prevale ,But we know how to party down Mexico way .Its a spiritul thing said Mr Glewtoon . Infact did you know that our balls fall off after we have copulated ,Thats why our balls are all over the earth j,,,Yesj ust waiting for our offspring to hatch out into a brave new world .


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