People in the D.C. are hiding in their apartments and homes – frightened by the  Beltway UFO!
A  UFO was confirmed to be hovering over the Capitol Beltway and Washington D.C. over the last few days.  There were over two thousand reports of the UFO reported within hours.  And the UFO has returned each night for the last seven nights.

Maryland State Police and DC Police  confirmed that citizens are running for cover – fearing that the spaceships are going to land and attack them.
“Beltway traffic is bad enough without adding extraterrestrial vehicles into the mix,” said a Maryland officer.

Drivers spotted the craft on I-270,  the Beltway, over the White House, the Capitol and the Mall.  “I think the ships are going to land on the Mall.  I’ll bet my life that it’s going to happen.  That’s what they want to do,” said Jonathan Willard, a DC resident.

WWN contacted Dr. Susan Begley of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials about the UFO.  “It’s definitely a Zeeban ship.  DC citizens have nothing to worry about.”

The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials have identified two alien species that have landed on Earth in the last years.  The aliens from Planet Zeeba have come to Earth to help us with climate change and to make us a more peaceful race of beings.  The aliens from Planet Gootan have come here – to destroy us.

Dr. Begley examined the photos and is “hundred percent positive” that the ships over DC are Zeeban.  “We are predicting that the Zeebans will make contact with humans by 2015, so this may just be a test for them.  The Washington Mall would be a good place for them to land and begin negotiations with humans.”

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14 thoughts on “BELTWAY UFO”

  1. A proof that world will come to the end soon, they're here to save us. I'll bet my life, something big is gonna happen in this year between august and dec 2012

  2. Damn this is a great way of wasting time thinking about aliens……I work for a private company that studies the galaxy.trust me guys,there's never been no sign of any spaceship or aliens.its just made up stories.I can only confess that the military has built 5 spaceships that are to travel around earth in a matter of 2 hours.I will inform you more tomoro,gotta get back to work.

  3. all i know is they better tell me who the good aliens and whos the bad alien. Cuz if i see either one on the ground. Ima see how many bullets it can take .

  4. So that you know, advanced civilizations know the truth about a planet before they attempt to destroy it, and don't think they do not know about other dimensions beyond the physcial reality. Also, earth is protected in ways beyond common humans dreams. Surprising – materialists on earth would think aliens do not credit anything beyond the physical, on the contrary they can be terrified because they know the absolute truth and how they can be influenced and even controlled by beings beyond the physical.
    Where is the future of earth with the aid of aliens? Much to do with the discovery and proof of how beings on earth have an exact double encased within the physical and made of other substances than physical though equal in ID and general being. So how about vamps? Uhmm the human double suported by Ectoplasm but more interestingly what follows programed in ZEN (yang) and how!

  5. This is Mr. Micheal, Ufologist
    About Aliens its true only, NASA also know about this but they not expose, they are 34 type Aliens now exist , they came Earth, but most of peoples aware about only 4types. some Aliens are so advance technology from us, some are not yet develop like us…..its a big Universe, in this Universe some billions of may be exist, in that no dought
    For more details please check my channels links….. https://www.youtube.com/thirdphaseofearth http://ufo9x.blogspot.in/


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