A Martian egg was found inside a meteorite that fell to Earth last year!

Scientists say they finally have proof that there is life on the Red Planet.
Professor Gupta Wickamassa told WWN that the egg was discovered when scientists were examining the inner section of a Martian meteorite that fell into the Arizona desert last year.

Wickamassa said that the rock, which he named Tootie, is rich in carbon and oxygen and stated that it could only have been produced by living organisms.
“This is one of the most exciting moments of  my career.  We do not know how this egg got into the rocky meteorite, but we are excited by the finding,” said Wickamassa.  “The carbon-rich particles are of uniform sizes and shapes and are not relics of some algal species.”

“Tootie made it to Earth without  extraterrestrial contamination, or terrestrial contamination.”
Scientists say that the egg most likely blasted from Mars when it was hit by an asteroid fifty years ago.
The egg  as examined at the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology and Fordham University in the Bronx.
“All the indications are that we have found evidence of life on Mars,” PhD student Jacob Weitz, who was working with Dr Wickamassa said.

Weitz and Wickamassa did try to heat up the egg, hoping that it would hatch… but they had no such luck.
NASA has sent a team to Professor Wickamassa’s research facility to examine the egg.

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10 thoughts on “MARTIAN EGG”

  1. Whippamaassa should just put on a jock-strap and carry it till it hatches. That's what I did with a Rhode Island Red egg that was left in a cab. After 17 days it hatched ans grown into a peculiar room-mate.

  2. SCIENTISTS claim this egg-shaped object is the final proof of life on Mars after finding it inside a meteorite from the Red Planet….Its Mars 'egg' proof of life…

  3. Hello,
    Maybe they are going about incubating the Martian Egg the wrong way ! What i mean by this is ,Oviparous on Earth eggs hatch by heat , but Mars has a mean surface pressure of about 600 pascals, much lower than the Earth's 101,000, temperature on Mars can reach above freezing (0 °C), liquid water is unstable over much of the planet, Mars has a very low thermal inertia, which means it heats quickly when the sun shines on it !
    Maybe burst of heat and cold temperatures will incubate the martians egg .. instead of trying to make it hatch as if it where from earth , hatch it as if it where still on mars ,


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