NEW YORK – Aliens have visited space shuttle Enterprise, and left evidence behind to prove it.
As NASA officials stationed at JFK were preparing the prototype shuttle for its final home at Manhattan’s Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, they discovered what they are calling “foreign material” on board. Engineers and NASA officials were unwilling to go record, but sources confirm that the material is of an extraterrestrial nature.
A security guard at the JFK hangar where Enterprise is being stored explained the scene as the NASA crew made its discovery. “They had on HAZMAT suits and were bringing out all these high-tech Ziploc bags with stuff in them. I saw some moss-looking stuff come out, and some metal tool-looking pieces. They were all complaining about the smell. Apparently, whatever was in there left a mess. The scientist was like, maybe they were trying to catch a ride home or something. But you know, they picked the wrong shuttle.”

Samples have been shipped to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and are currently undergoing analysis by staff cosmochemists.
Paul Ebrim, director of Intrepid exhibits, expects the shuttle’s arrival at the museum to be delayed by at least one month due to the discovery.
Enterprise never ventured to space, serving only as the NASA prototype.


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