SIBERIA –  A Gootan spaceship was shot down over Russia and parts of it fell in Siberia.
A U-shaped object, resembling a silvery dome, is currently under inspection by Russian experts, after being covertly removed under cover of night from the possession of villagers who found it.
It had fallen from the sky over the weekend after villagers heard a large explosion.  Authorities are not publicly saying what the explosion was, nor what the fallen objects is, but WWN has been investigating.

WWN spoke to Dr. Susan Begley of the U.N. Panel of Extraterrestrials about the object.  She had gone to Siberia to examine the debris.
“It’s clearly part of an alien spaceship from Planet Gootan.  It has all the Gootan markings,” she told WWN.  “Our guess is that the ship was shot down by a ship from Planet Zeeba.”
There has been an ongoing battle on Earth between alien from Planet Gootan and aliens from Planet Zeeba.  Basically, the Zeebans have come to our planet to help us, while the Gootans want to — destroy us.

Locals from the village of Otradnesnky had managed to drag the “Gootan fragment” from the thick forest where it had fallen. They attached it onto a trailer and took it through the snow to their village, where local inspectors then examined it before alerting Moscow authorities.

In an official statement, Sergey Bobrov, who found the object, said that the object glowed.  “Particularly at night, we see a red flashing light in object.  It scare many of us.”
Here is a shot of a piece of the Gootan ship at night:

The 2,500 pound metal fragment is being kept under close guard by local police and U.N. Peacekeepers.
Some officials tried to say that the it was a piece of a rocket or missile, but that was quickly dismissed by Dr. Begley, who has over twenty-five years experience with extraterrestrials and a leading expert in the field of ufology.

Is it a threat to the health of the villagers?
“We measured the radiation level near and inside the object. We found no radiation here,” said Yuri Bornyakov, who heads the rescue service department of the Kuybyshevsky district in the Novosibirsk region.
Part of the fragment is made of ultra-strong titanium, said Valery Vasiliev, the head of the Kuybyshevsky Department for Civil Defence and Emergency Situations.  “It is something that we have never seen on earth.”
WWN continues to follow this breaking story.

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  1. you guys really need to stop saying alien experts! no1 is an expert in my book unless they study a live alien! you just say people are experts… without training or studying pathetic

  2. It may be because according to our Hindusim there are 17 another world in our universe. and our earth(martya) in place of 5th numbers. perhapes it may comes from our another numbers of earth. so that i belive it according to our hindusim.

  3. I'm looking for info on a Russian artifact called Zelov's Hammer. It was last seen near Darlov, Afghanistan in February of 2008. It may have a connection to Rasputin.


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