Four alien spaceships from Planet Zeeba landed in Makurazaki over the weekend.
Makurazaki is in the Kagoshima Prefecture on Japan’s southernmost tip.  They have seen UFO activity before, but there has never been a reported landing of alien spaceships.

Japanese authorities have confirmed with WWN that four spaceships landed in Makurazaki and “thousands” of alien exited the ships and then… they all disappeared.
“It’s typical behavior of Zeebans,” said Dr. Banesh Bannerjee, a lead extraterrestrial expert at the United Nations.  “The good news is that we have confirmed that the ships that landed were from Planet Zeeba.  The Zeebans have been on our planet since October, 2010 and more and more are coming each day.  They are docile aliens and have come to earth to help humans.”
The bad news?  “Well, the bad news is that they may attract attention from the Gootans, aliens that landed on Earth in Novermber, 2011.  The Gootans have come to earth to, take us over basically.”

Bannerjee went on to say that the Zeebans are probably going to Fukushima to help Japan recover from the after-effects of the earthquake last year.  “Japan has done a great deal in a year to help put the area back together, but the Zeebans know there is a lot more work to be done and they will take it upon themselves to do it. That’s just how they are,” said Bannerjee.
The Zeeban ships have actually been sighted all over Japan in recent weeks.

Clear and unambiguous sightings are taking place every day across the country. Only a week ago two enormous almost blinding lights hovered over the city of Osaka. The lights were seen by thousands of Japanese citizens and the footage is rapidly spreading across the Internet where some Japanese viewers are dubbing them “lights of hope”.
“That’s exactly what the Zeebans want humans to think about them,” said Bannerjee.  “They are the ‘light of hope’ of mankind.”
Here’s a similar Zeeban sighting in March, 2011

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16 thoughts on “ALIENS LAND IN JAPAN”

  1. …didn’t know this kind of things realy happen…you know in AFRICA we don’t talk about this kind of stuff. So for me it’s a real shocker.

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    LOOK MY NAME.If you think it is good enough, you may share it to your friends, good luck!

  3. so what the gootans already attacked. omg be ready for planetary destruction and hi pulse laser canons and if the zeebans are here to help us be ready to swap weapons.

    • Dude (or is it dudette), calm down before someone shoves some insecticide up your butt to kill the bug in there.

  4. Well in my opinion from my own research shows that the Gootans ( correctly worded as G'tenzis ) aren't in the direct conflict with the Zeebans ( Xiten ) In fact, the G'tenzis haven't been to earth in a good long while, not since the 1800's. But the Xiten on the other hand have been roaming around lately, yes, due to the recent disasters. But they are here more so to examine damages and to inspect our climate and the change to our widely populated planet. They aren't harmful in any way aside from occasional accidental crashes from Spacecraft malfunction, which happened to another race in a certain popular incident some years ago… But they are not here for war… and as for the other race that are coming around that aren't the G'tenzis, well, they are just a couple of Serinoks that often follow the Xiten…. I hope this made some of you feel better if you had worries… also, I hope that what i'm about to tell you makes you feel even better… none of this is true… not the article or what I just said! Happy Hunting! (Alien Hunting)

  5. I believe to, I have to cause the proof is there..
    But to pretend I know different races, their intentions etc.. etc.. ??? How in the world could I possibly do that?
    At least from what I know about journalism is that you have to do background checks on sources and confirm it is all true before putting it in writing yes? Since that is not at all possible in this case, so I ask how did you do that?


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