WASHINGTON D.C. –  Sources say Dwight D. Eisenhower met with extraterrestrials three times while he was President.  
President Dwight D. Eisenhower held meetings with extraterrestrials multiple times over the course of one month while government officials were told he was on holiday in Palm Springs.
The source of these claims is Timothy Good, a former consultant to Congress and the Pentagon, and, according to his web site, a gifted musician. Good addressed the rumors, which apparently have swirled in the UFO-watcher community for years, on BBC2’s comedy talk showOpinionated.
“I can tell you that in 1954, President Eisenhower had three encounters, set up meetings with aliens, which took place at certain Air Force bases including Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico.”

The aliens with whom the President met were said to be “‘Nordic’ in appearance.”
The Huffington Post article also makes mention of a related story from 2010, when retired New Hampshire state representative Henry McElroy Jr. taped a video announcement relaying details of a secret alien-briefing document intended for Eisenhower that he had seen.

The content of the brief will hold no surprises for viewers of the popular Men in Black film series, but here’s the summary from McElroy himself:
“To the best of my memory, this brief was pervaded with a sense of hope, and it informed President Eisenhower of the continued presence of extraterrestrial beings here in the United States of America.
The tone of the brief indicated to me that there was no need for concern, since these visitors were in no way causing any harm or had any intentions whatsoever of causing any disruption then or in the future.”
This follows reports from last summer that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and former President Eisenhower covered up a UFO sighting during World War II in an effort to prevent mass chaos.
Leading a world power during wartime certainly means that there’s going to be a need to maintain classified information. Despite anyone’s best efforts, not every secret remains a secret and the English Bulldog and Ike kept a mammoth one for decades.

Churchill is reported to “have made the orders during a secret war meeting with U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower, the then commander of the Allied Forces, at an undisclosed location in America during the latter part of the conflict.” He ordered that the information remain a secret for a period of 50 years.
United Kingdom’s National Archives released thousands of documents related to the sighting of unidentified flying objects last summer.

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  1. Former US President Eisenhower’s claim on meeting aliens is a paranoid statement. No doubt that he was a great president. Reason may be anything, but he is undergoing delusionary hallucinations. Definitely he has to consult a psychiatrist

  2. All Presidents contention is to examine Aliens he is Dwight D.Eisenhower its a mix of photo shop and reality he really met Aliens Folks .He goes above our head sooooo inteligent and we leave the Aliens alone when dreaming this is a repeat yet clarity is enourmously better thanx.


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