A triangular UFO, accompanied by the strange sounds phenomenon, was spotted over Dublin, Ireland!

The triangular UFOs have been seen frequently over North America in the last few weeks and now they seem to be hovering over Ireland.  The triangle object with three glowing tips and folding over on itself, was taped by multiple witnesses.  Dogs in Dublin at first barked at the object, but then they seemed mesmerized by it – some say the dogs seem to be under control of the object.

There were also strange sounds, which have been heard in hundreds of other videos.

Irish officials investigated the sightings along with top U.K. Extraterrestrial expert.  Lord David Morton of Wales, an expert in UFOs confirmed what WWN had suspected – these triangular UFOs were spaceships from Planet Zeeba.

Independently, Dr. Susan Begley of the United Nations confirmed that the ships were from Planet Zeeba.  “This is actually good news,” said Dr. Begley, “because this proves that the Zeebans are taken aggressive action to defend humans on Earth from the invasion of aliens from Planet Gootan.  There is hope for our planet.”

Irish citizens across the country spotted the Zeeban ships and were struck by the perfect triangle formation and… the beauty.  “I’ve never seen such beautiful lightss,” said Martin Quinn of Galway.  “I felt a sense of calm and peace.  I can’t really describe it, but I felt safer than I had in my whole life.”

The Zeeban ships seemed to be monitoring the shores of Ireland – as a protective force.  “They are definitely trying to help the citizens of Ireland, ” said Lord Morton.  “The Irish certainly are lucky to be under the aegis of the Zeebans.”

Here one of the many videos of the Zeeban ships over Dublin:


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10 thoughts on “UFO OVER DUBLIN”

  1. Okay, I have read a lot of articles about the whole alien nonesense because it is really interesting. But these sounds in these videos all over youtube are not fake. I have heard, along with a whole city here, have heard sounds very similar to the one in the videos. it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it

  2. you know I need to know if yall r telling the truth. if yall r lying yall r making me hide under a blanket for nothin. but i do believe that america was being invaded in november last year, because i featured a lot of ufo sightings.

  3. Well such sightings have been happening for ages now and the fact that they are all similar make me curious. All cannot be fake they have to be real in someway and people might get bored of faking them ya know. So there are things happening beyond our imagnation cheers.

  4. To one and all, tread very carefully when it comes to the zeebans, they're a crafty bunch, using our fear to gain their trust and bring us together to stand against the gootan's, they're mortal enemy. Only the zyluans can help us now…


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