REMINDER – On November 9th, the U.S. Government is testing its Emergency Alien Alert System to prepare for the upcoming alien attack!
The first U.S. nationwide test of the Emergency Alien Alert System (EAAS) will take place on Wednesday, November 9, at 1:00 PM (Central Standard Time). Conducted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), this test may last up to three and a half minutes.
The EAAS is running the test in conjunction with tests being run by the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.  WWN has confirmed that the world community is expecting and alien attack at the end of this month.
The EAAS is a national alert and warning system which enables the President of the United States to address the public during alien attacks. Local and State EAAS systems are tested regularly; however there has never been a single nationwide test. This alert will include broadcast radio and television stations, cable television, satellite radio and television services, and wire line video service.
The test will include sound waves sent into outer space – warning approaching alien ships that we will defend ourselves against attack.

FEMA, the FCC, and NOAA’s vision for improving the EAAS is incremental, which means testing the readiness and effectiveness of the EAAS as it currently exists today is the first step. A more effective and functional EAS requires continual testing to identify necessary improvements so that all levels of the system can better serve our communities and deliver critical information that will save lives and property.
EAAS Participants provide a critical public service to the nation as the resilient backbone of alert and warning when all other means of communication are unavailable.

During the November 9th test, the public will hear an audio message stating “This is a test,” which will be the same for radio and television. Due to limitations of the EAAS, the video test message may not be the same. In some instances, the background image that appears on a television may indicate “this is a test” but in other cases there may be no image at all.
Aliens may attempt to scramble the broadcast, but Chinese computer engineers and programmers have developed an anti-alien alert system failsafe.

The public is encouraged to share this information with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to reduce the potential for increased calls to local police and fire departments or to 9-1-1.

Don’t panic. It’s a test, only a test.

But if you see any aliens, please notify authorities immediately.

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  1. is 2:37 pm nov 9 th 2011 in asheville north carolina and i wanted to see wath the noise was all about but i looked thru the radio 15 minutes before expecting !to ear something and not even the tv showed anything maybe the aliens did crumbe the test and it sucks to know if things happend no one will know i meet people that dint even know about it !!

    ITS TIME TO NDERSTAND WHATS WE ARE, and the message coming
    from the stars cause in EARTH nobody could!!ª!!!!3d its nothing compare
    with the holograms at next sky, believe and dont be scare…….insigth and live
    in happiness in your environment please………nothing terrible coming,…..

  3. proof is needed the 7 million aliens born and evidence November 9th Aliens arrived it is November 10 ,2011 .Black Rhinos transported is one way the extinction is involved with Earth I don't see this as scare tactic 9 Rhinos at once heard on TV today you comenters did well on 200 miles away comet Nov 8 2011 just missed Earth as NASA predicted they also exist Russia may help but what happened to Alaska Russia is not the 49th state owner and kep us updated over $2 trillion dollars Italy bought by China ,the stocks plunging in Europe and Greece has economic promises they are looking perfect yet the debt is growing its time China helps around the Globe .EAAS is Alien warning we have proof the aliens have come to Earth since Earth was created calm down everybody deal with the bigger issues like working those calories off and Americans using Abandoned Bank accounts to get out of debt .Department of Energy reminder Perry for president Saturday debate 90 minute debate 8 p.m. in North Carolina,Spartensboro.


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