SAN ANTONIO, TX – Residents of San Antonio are perplexed by a recent series of strange sightings.

Last week the town saw a record number of UFOs flying through the night skies.  Over the course of a week, dozens of ships were seen flying in the cover of darkness.  Instead of their usual fast and discreet flight patterns, the UFOs were flying slow and low, even using searchlights to scour the rural areas outside the city.
After the arrival of military equipment, government agents and several doomsday cults, the UFOs stopped appearing in the sky.
That’s when residents of the city’s suburbs began noticing unusual flyers.  Posters appeared on every light post and telephone pole in the city with the words ‘Lost Pet’ and a picture of what appears to be a chupacabra.
Being alien pets would shed light on the mysterious origins of the chupacabra.  The reptilian creatures are notorious for devouring herds of cattle in a matter of hours but there is no record of their existence, even in local folklore, prior to 1956.
Some fear that the lost pet may have gotten mixed up in underground chupacabra wrestling, a popular pastime in the area.
If you see a small reptilian creature devouring cattle that answers to Mr. Wiggles, please call the number on the poster.  His family is very worried.

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  1. reason why you see alien ufo landing in certain areas is because there trying to short our animal population to extiction of are human race. Thats why you see so called chupacabras because they are alien experiment test so called there pets. The aliens approved it and send it to earth to attack our cattle or anything that helps us live. so when the timings right the alien moves in to attack earth, abduct us and experiment on us towards our extiction.


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