NEW YORK – The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials sent a team of Alien Hunters to Brazil to hunt a rogue alien swarm.

Multiple UFOs were spotted over Salvador, Brazil over the last two weeks.   Brazil authorities working with UFO teams from China and the United States have been carefully studying the data from the latest sightings.

There were also multiple sightings of Aliens on the streets of Salvador.  The aliens then seemed to disappear and authorities feel they are in hiding somewhere along the Amazon.

This was taken over Salvador two days ago:

Astrophysicist Dr. Banesh Bannerjeeof the United Nations is leading a team of Alien Hunters to Brazil to find some of the aliens and hopefully bring them back – dead or alive.

What has  U.N. researchers alarmed is that these latest sightings do not seem to conform to the known  alien invasion from Planet Zeeba and Planet Gootan.  “These alien spaceships have different markings than both the Gootans and  the Zeebans,” said Bannerjee.

This is the spot in the Amazon the Xixucans are reportedly hiding:

A U.N. official told WWN that researchers are “very concerned” about the latest sighting.  “The data seem to point to spaceships and visitors from Planet Xixuc, a planet that the U.N. feels is inhabited by more dangerous alien life forms.”

Some speculate that the Xixucans look similar to this:

“We have never had a sighting of visitors from Xixuc before.  We’ve issued a Code Purple alert for Brazil.”

Begley and her team will be utilizing the latest in Alien Detection equipment.  She is confident that if the Xixucans are hiding in Brazil, “we will find them.”

Dr. Bannerjee went on to say that Xixucans leave “footprints”  –  undetectable to human eyes – that can be picked up by her tracking equipment.

The Xixucans did not harm anyone in Salvador – though they frightened a number of people.   “I am never coming out of my house at night again,”
said Lenina Joao.  “Never.”

Dr. Bannerjee hopes that they remain docile until they find them.  “They have the potential to do great harm, but I’m sure we will find them and neutralize them.”

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  1. Lenina Joao? John Lennon's Brazilian sister? hahahaha C'mon, here is a set of better names: Marcos Caetano, Geraldo Barros, Juliana Gomes, Isabela Carvalho, Sidnei Machado!

  2. yes, and for some bizarre reason, the aliens that were on the streets of Salvador decided to go hiding 'somewhere along the Amazon' which is about some 2000KM from there! Good luck to the alien hunters!


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