NASA confirmed that three alien spaceships are on track to arrive in Earth’s atmosphere at the end of November, 2011.
WWN has been the only media outlet reporting on the ongoing alien invasion – and the three massive aliens spaceships headed for Earth, with an expected ETA of November 27, 2011.
But recently NASA has confirmed WWN’s reportage and now researchers at major universities are also confirming that there is a 97% likelihood that aliens will arrive in November, 2011.  Many researches believe that the aliens are coming to wipe us out because they think Earthlings are irresponsible, expanding too quickly, and our destroying our planet.
The researchers point to humanity’s own history of hostility toward unfamiliar humans, chimpanzees, and gorillas as evidence that the superior aliens will be hostile toward humans.
Professor Banesh  Bannerjee of M.I.T  said, “Just as we did to those beings, the extraterrestrials might proceed to kill, infect, dissect, conquer, displace or enslave us, stuff us as specimens for their museums or pickle our skulls and use us for medical research,” in a study,published in the journal Acta Astronautica.

But the leading extraterrestrial experts disagree.  Dr. John Malley, of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials, has said that the aliens are coming in peace, but if humans become hostile toward them – they will attack.
“Humans are facing a critical decision point.  We either deal with the aliens in a peaceful manner – or we face total annihilation,” Malley told WWN.

The SETI  Institue, which studies extraterrestrial intelligence, which will be relaunching in September, say that the aliens heading for earth will have to be more technologically advanced than us to even communicate properly. And if they have more advanced technology than us, they could come to harm us.

“A core concern is that ETI will learn of our presence and quickly travel to Earth to eat or enslave us,” says Bannerjee.

Dr. Malley has been researching and studying the alien invasion for twenty year and firmly believes that the aliens are coming to  help Earth, not harm it.   He originally identified the aliens as coming from Planet Zeeba, but just this week he crunched the data and told WWN that the aliens in the three spaceships are from Planet Gootan.
“The aliens from Planet Gootan are similar to the aliens from Planet Zeeba.   Both planets are just outside the Milky Way and they both have a similar atmosphere to earth.
Here’s what the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials believe a Gootan looks like:

Malley says that the Gootans actually are considered to be more intelligent than the Zeebans and he is even more hopeful that the ongoing alien invasion will be beneficial to the human race.  “We just need leaders who are willing to interact with the Gootans in an enlightened manner.”
There’s only three months until the Gootans arrive… it’s time to prepare.

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  1. "Many researches believe that the aliens are coming to wipe us out because they think Earthlings are irresponsible, expanding too quickly, and our destroying our planet." – makes an alien invasion kind of pointless then. If they're going to do to us what we're already doing to ourselves, then they must be bigger idiots than we are.
    "Malley says that the Gootans actually are considered to be more intelligent than the Zeebans" – hehehehe. Not even aliens are immune to racial profiling.

  2. Surely there is no evidence whatever that the MIT professor is correct in saying that they are going to "kill, infect, dissect, conquer, displace or enslave us, stuff us as specimens for their museums or pickle our skulls and use us for medical research”. What evidence there is they simply kidnap us for short period in order to secure material in order to interbreed with us. I for one will be extremely careful not to drive across the desert at night at the end of November in case of an encounter of this nature.

  3. I will go out and wait for them. To take me and my son off this godforsaken ruined earth, I will become a stowaway on their ship if I have to!

  4. Very interesting "story". I need your help to find answers for the following questions.
    1. Is NASA really aware about this ET invasion?
    2. Why the other newspapers keep mum on this issue ?
    3. Kleenspeed car makers say ET language interpreter has talked to aliens. How do both know each other's language?
    4. Where are the planets Gooten and Zeeba?
    5. How do aliens interested all of a sudden on earth?
    Thank u.

  5. There's some guy in my backyard claiming he's an alien scout for the ships that are supposedly coming. Even though he doesn't look like the picture here, I don't want to start an intergalactic incident by kicking him out. He doesn't eat much but he was demanding top shelf vodka martinis but I've weaned him off the good stuff and he doesn't really notice. He says I'll be high up in the power structure if I keep buying him the high end stuff but I don't believe it.

  6. I am an alien and I came to warn you that more of us are coming to take as much alcohol as possible to out planet. If you would like to stop the invasion you can do so by sending as much liquor as possible to my nearby residence. If you would wish to do so, leave your email and I will contact you. Oh and btw are you guys stupid to believe that aliens are coming here? Shoprite and pathmark are probably behind all this so you buy water and bread and clear up their shelves. Its all bussiness. But my offer for the liquor still counts 😉

    • Sinbadtom,
      We checked into your claim and it is true, he is not listed at the U.N… and we mentioned this to Dr. Malley. He laughed and said:
      "Of course, I'm not listed. The whole Extraterrestrial Panel has become a real annoyance to them because of the invasion. They were pressured by the United States to scrub all mention of me. But, I assure you, I do exist."
      Think about Sinbadtom… why don't they want him listed? Hmmm…

  7. New update on this news:
    One of them is allready here!!! Its been located at the fox river in Illinois. BE AWARE, BE VEEERY AWARE…
    Description of the Alien:
    – Lazer Blue Eyes
    – Human Height
    – Pees through its finger
    – Makes a popping sound
    – Likes to fish
    – Likes coyotes
    If by any chance you run into one, remain calm,evaluate carefully if in deed it is an alien by our description, and if it is….get the f..k out of there as soon as you can! Good Luck!

  8. Ya Ya they ar coming so go find a cave, this guy about ihone is right 😀 😀 😀 but iphone dissapointed me so I think they are coming for Samsung galaxy S III. this phone will be released next year so live in peace, nothing´s gonna happen 😀

    • "they come to buy the iphone 5"
      Lol!! That's why they are going to destroy us now…there is only the iPhone 4s.

  9. well i believe in aliens and other planets that can and do sustain life but the s**t i have read here is beyond words such bull s**t and i dont understand the ppl who actually believe this article to be true i do believe aliens have always been here interacting with us i believe in ancient aliens who were believed to be gods and so on but i dont believe there is an alien invasion coming next month and where the hell do you ppl come up with these names and if they are aliens of course they are more intelligent then us if they can survive and travel light years to visit our planet and watch us devolve humans as a race will exterminate them selves we need no help from e.t.s

  10. Of course its true, they didnt lie about what just passed between the moon and our Earth! Some people, like myself have not been lying for decades about UFO's, the things they do! And they were right on the actual date too! Open your minds, look around at the big picture and start thinking. Truth is stranger than fiction or maybe this is the twilight zone. But please think and get ready in your own way….be prepared, dont just wait until you see them and decide to have a heart attack because the truth is killing you then! But remember this, they are not all the same, just as humans are not all alike. I have seen ufo's attack each other in the other to make one leave the area. So I know that they too fight with each other, they are not buddies.
    bless all the good hearted beings everywhere
    to hell with the rotten ones

  11. Why do all u sad americans think u will be attacked first russia for a start is more powerful than u. ur all muppets and ur ex president bush caused a war causing many deaths for nothing. ppl i know died in afghanistan. so basically i hope aliens blow the usa off the face of the earth. England all the way plus we have better soldiers than your little boys who kill our men accidentily on purpose. friendly fire my f****n ar*e

    • Typical Russian, guys i think he's just mad that he can't afford a Big-Mac, or doesn't get to watch Saturday morning cartoons.

    • he is ENGLISH actually
      and i can see his point
      if i was an alien the first thing i would do was zap every yank and then take away their pee shooter
      they are a menace to all living creatures
      im English also

  12. Yea I'm a alien……………..illegal alien that is. n I have 3 vessels 2 of them carry millions of aliens and is more if a transporting ship, and the other is a battle ship Wich sole purpose is to attack and invade. They are called Dick and balls….prepare for destruction of the white race

  13. muslims want the earth to be a muslim whole and will kill anyone to prevents them one country at a time and yes they have nuclear power and have the population number to complete the job so when they decide muslims had enough of non belevers in there face war will start and they will win.

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  15. Curtsey Empress Bella, I've been concerned that I've missed your shows recently, I've been aware of your changing the time. Tonight in trying to connect to the radio, I happened to use the blog link instead of the other… and now I read that your show will be a 8 eastern the 2nd and 4th Monday…. sadly, it appears as though I won't be able to attend any of your shows, I have always enjoyed being there for all of your shows. I wish you and your listners all FUN times!Curtsey… I'm gonna miss ya, but will alway keep you close to my heart…


  17. What the hell is going on.First your website indicated that gootans willarrive in 2012.nothing happened so far! If they arrive let me know because I have 20 Years of experience in Alien matters.


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