An alien spaceship based by the International Space Station last night – shooting warning lasers as it went by.
The  crew aboard the International Space Station were shocked to see a purple spaceship circle the space station in a threatening manner.  They astronauts were all sleeping at the time and said that the spaceship seemed to “come out of nowhere.”

The crew from Expedition 28 has only been on the International Space Station since June of 2011.  The astronauts alerted NASA immediately of the breech in ISS security.  “They broke through our force field with ease,” said astronaut Kevin Janowick.
NASA, however, could not see any evidence of the spaceship, but the astronauts all confirmed seeing it and felt that they were in “extreme danger.”

One Expedition 28 astronaut said that he could see “blue aliens” in the windows of the purple spaceship.
“That’s a ship from Planet Zeeba,” said John Malley, an expert on aliens and a member of the U.N. Panel of Extraterrestrials.  “The alien invasion will be occurring in November and in the months leading up to it, there will be many unusual sightings like this.  We at the U.N., continue to advise ALL citizens on earth to prepare for the alien invasion.”
WWN has been covering this story for a year. READ ABOUT THE ALIEN INVASION.
The International Space Station (ISS) is an internationally-developed research facility, which is in low-orbit and is the largest space station ever constructed. 

On-orbit construction of the station began in 1998 and is expected to be finished in 2012. The station is expected to remain in operation until at least 2020, and potentially to 2028.
Like many artificial satellites, the ISS can be seen from Earth with the naked eye.   NASA monitors everything the astronauts do and see, but they completely missed seeing the alien ship from Zeeba.

“We are concerned.  We think the alien ship has equipment that can make is seem invisible to us.   We do not even know how many were really flying around the ISS,” said chief NASA engineer, Jyoti Aggarwala.

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  1. Roswell has devices where Aliens communicate with spaceships really they can try a peace treaty much like Ramses did the first person to have signed a peace treaty my opinion all you peeps and Aliens reading get on those contacts tell all the Aliens are Hostile to help Earth not the ETs and explain we have Miranda rights and can prosecute them too as well as defend ourselves November is when Zeeba has defined all people will be forced to work for them I know 1 man put distance from moon to Earth together with Marines and Militant{Tango=Enemy}his abduction he was shown wife with iron alien neck brace lifted by beam to UFO mad to work 6 years Tyrone Morrows wife was dead or alive .

  2. and how exactly they expect us to "prepare" for an alien invasion? get our weapons out? hide underground?? shouldn't we be hearing those stuff everywhere around the world if an invasion was actually going to happen??

  3. I agree with John. People are oblivious to all the sightings around the world. This is not the first sighting, only one that was reported to this media. All you have to do is search Google and other search engines and you will see the evidence.

  4. Oh lord almighty, I hope this site is all about irony and humor. I SO do hope so. People worry about extraterrestrial intelligence when there is obviously such a lack of it here on earth to start with. Hats off and a good day to all you ironists. To the rest of you, good luck.

  5. And oh, I double checked with Zeeba – apparently they run on a slightly different calender than Earth, and it's actually the year 14,546 there, so the invasion took place some 12,000 years ago and is already successfully carried out. It all went down (pretty harshly) somewhere around the river Tigris, and we as a civilization is the direct result. We are all actually Zeebans – the purple (purple, of course purple) ship just passed by to pick up a few intergalactic oooz spears that were accidentally left behind after the invasion. The Zeeba HQ apologizes for all the misunderstandings and are now running the Earth calender parallel to their own, just to avoid future mishaps. Cheers lads!


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