BRISBANE – Green fireballs are once again streaking across the Australian skies.

Green fireballs streaked across the sky and rolled down an Australian mountainside four years ago, spurring numerous reports of UFOs in the area – and now the fireballs are back!

At least three traffic-light green fireballs brighter than the moon but not as bright as the sun blazed over northeast Australia last night.  Witnessed by over three hundred Aussies.

A farmer, Christian David, saw one with a blue tapering tail pass over the mountains of the Great Divide about 75 miles  west of Brisbane, then watched a phosphorescent green ball about 12 inches wide roll slowly down the side of a mountain, bouncing over a rock along the way.

Green fireballs have been seen many times in the sky, and are typically explained away as meteors whose shockwaves lead to electrically charged oxygen similar to that seen in auroras. In fact, a commercial airline pilot who landed in New Zealand that day reported seeing a meteor breaking up into fragments, which turned green as the bits descended in the direction of Australia.

But Australian astronomers have confirmed that these green fireballs are NOT meteors.  They are, in fact, alien spaceships – UFOs.

“We have examined the data carefully from four years ago and compared the sightings last night to our findings.  There is no possible way that these green fireballs are meteors,” said astrophysicist, Jacob Annaberg.

The timing of the fireballs suggests they might have been debris from Comet Schumberg-Waxman, said physicist Stephen Hughes at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane.

“The green ball that farmer David saw roll down the slope was almost certainly not a meteorite,” Hughes said. No perfectly round meteorite a foot wide has ever been found, and if it were one, it wouldn’t be rolling slowly down a hill.

Instead, Hughes suggests it might have been the flashing of an alien spaceship from Planet Zeeba.  “Zeeba-ships typically are green,” said Hughes.

UFOs are often mistaken for meteors, and often used by governments to explain away the fact that alien ships are hovering on and around our planet.

The green fireballs continue to shoot across Australia this evening…  Is this part of the alien invasion?


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  1. I remember seeing green fireballs as a kid in New Mexico. We belonged to the Ground Observer Corps and saw these when sitting in a tower in Hurley, NM. Never knew what they were. I will never forget them, either.


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