AMERICA  – Prophetess Colleen Thomas warns that an alien attack is coming VERY soon!

Colleen Thomas, a home health administrator turned physicist who specializes in the science of creation. She is also the “mother” of a race of good aliens here on Earth to defend humans from lizard people.

Her message is this:  While Obama is in India,  he and all of his “cronies” will be killed by a tsunami. The good aliens will be ones doing the killing.

Thomas doesn’t like Obama, and would prefer it if he surrendered himself to one of his FEMA death camps so Thomas and her friends can… do something. I don’t know! It’s unclear. Very factual, but unclear.

There’s also something about Reptilians eating human bodies after natural disasters. Remember how there were no bodies recovered after the 2004 tsunami? Except for all the bodies they recovered and all the photographs of said bodies? Well, that. That’s Reptilian conspiracy. They steal the bodies to eat them. Perfect.

Thomas has a whole host of wonderful, doom-foretelling web videos that are maybe worth a watch if you care about the future of this planet! She’s also doing the home health administration thing in the Sacramento area (most Mothers of all-powerful alien races live in or around Sacramento), in case you need anything like that. But yeah, mostly you should go to her for aether physics-related matters.

Here’s one of her videos:


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    • It seems that most of these comments are negative, however, for those of you that doubt what she says or consider Colleen insane, psychopathic, etc…, PLEASE look into Aaron McCollum & stargate/seagate via youtube or project camelot for further validation that these entities do exist & our shadow gov't has been in a co-op to utilize these gates for time/space travel. Also, if you have done any research on the Illuminati, NWO, shadow gov't, you will know that what she speaks of is very much real. Please look into Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, or simply visit the website (granddelusion.com). I wish you all the best in your search for the truth.

    • Good Aliens kill? Primitive thought. First find one piece of evidence of somebody dying. Impossible. Death does not exist as no one has ever died.. Switching dimensions is all. It's time to wake up from this part of the matrix many are locked into. Every single question that you've ever thought of has an answer..All of our history is traced wayyy back to the Lyran and Orion Wars..All recorded in Egypt, Atlantis etc.. The pretending to be dumb like mainstream has got to go away!!! ..You are in a big, big game.

  1. 95% of her information is correct. The 5% incorrect is fear based. Nothing Fear based is real…just the polar opposite. I suggest listening to the world wide experts and those who will be guiding us through first contact.. Check out Alex Collier, George Kavassilas, Sheldan Nidle, Steven Greer, David Wilcock, David Lewis Anderson. The Elohim have returned and it's time to join the millions of us who are awake! We are waiting!! I would not be ignorant to these truths..as the bible states that we were genetically engineered by the elohim…

    • I've done a fair amount of Bible study, I must've missed that bit on being genetically engineered by the elohim. Care to cite chapter and verse?

  2. hi dave my name is chinacry ive studied the bible also, it says nothing of aliens that i know of these people need a brain doctor ya know what i mean god bless those that need jesus our savior i hope they will ask jesus in to their life.

    • The bible is a lie no offence to all the religiose people but its a cover-up.
      Basicly the bible is a template to keep everyone calm and in order.
      Think what the world would be like without bible myths and religion myths everyone would go to war.
      Look back in ancient times everyone was battling with each other.
      There was alot more gods back then than today.
      God is a lie to theres no heaven or hell.
      Put it this way if you were about to kill someone your first thought would be "will i go to heaven or hell?"
      And that has proved that the bible myth has worked to keep you in order.
      But if there is a god then why isnt he makin himself heard?
      Bible preachers are just as bad as alien preachers only theres more chance of aliens than a man with magical powers.
      I rest my case.

  3. Actually it is pretty clear about the genetically engineering in the Bible. You missed it because you only read what you want to read. the code is there and in plane view for all to see.
    Colleen is not 95% correct, not on her predictions. So far, none of them have come true, thank God. Her message is a good one for the most part. Her view of the history of man and our connections to ET's have some truth but again, is far from the truth. Dr. Deagle and Kerry Cassidy/ Bill Ryan have a far more complete picture of our history and what is happening right now. Check out projectcamelot.org. My feeling is that she is been in the Mk Ultra program and has no knowledge of it, just like Palin.
    Another point, Pleadians would indeed try to "off" their reptilian enemies. They have been at way fro eons but please be advised, some reptilians are good and some Pleadians are bad. Aryans for instance, or Nordic looking, can go either way, as can the Grays. But there is the crystalline entities that NO one knows what their agenda is and ALL the races seem to respect and fear them.

    • It's interesting how much "knowledge" one can get from absolutely no evidence. A little skepticism is a good thing. Just opening your mind and letting your brain fall out or naively believing fairy tales told by obviously deranged people is deplorable. If you believe the world will end soon, send me your bank account and credit cards,if any.

  4. You better relax, all dimensional entities in this universe are evil even people here on earth. They choose to be destroyed because this is Gods judgement being bought upon themselves, Aleins many exist out there but they have nothing to do with the king of the universe Jesus Christ. Accept him, repent, and acknowledge him so you can be saved because the great day of God is near. I feel that it there will either be a cosmic event done by a highly intelligent species, a supernatural event or a nuclear war. There may be good aliens with feelings, but the grays are many types and are lucifers demons.

  5. Okay, I've read all the comments and looked over this lady's website and I have come to this conclusion.

    She's as looney as they get. A real Whack Job. I thought that idiot Nancy on GLP was crazy with her "channeling" zigbob and poteet or what ever her "alien" friends are named. These 2 ladies should group up together and maybe drink some "kool-aid" and vanish on the next comet-ship.

    Anyone who believes this nonsense needs to get their head examined.

  6. wow for real you people are acually aguing about this, the only thing she is selling is BS, com'on for real aliens. It seems like theres is other things in her life that she is making out into something else (aliens). hmmm…….i think she needs to sit down and take a good hard look at whats going on in the world. aliens are our last worry. try looking at our own gov't

  7. She is not Greta Garbo gorgeous, she has nice tits, nice little body, but helmet hair (awful die job btw) and her face is ok, not great…without makeup she's probably a fright. Oh, and she's psycho.

  8. Way off-putting to see an attractive, well-dressed woman who then proceeds to show in five minutes of conversation that she's weapons-grade crazy. And there are thousands like her out there peddling chaos.

  9. Good POE this. otherwise need to have the doctor readmit you to the ward. Harsh but true, if you believe this stuff, you are a danger to yourself and possible others.

  10. Sadly, she says nothing in this video I have not heard before (sadly for me and sadly for the delusioned — but, more sadly for me, considering that I seem to suffer more mental agony from hearing about it than those who believe in it.)

  11. wow, i posted a comment in colleen's favor two days ago and i see you people have chosen not to post it-IDIOTS-must be another illuminati/new world order form of the media!!!!

  12. Some of these looneys get their 15 minutes of fame on the internet and some on "Coast to Coast" with George Noorey. Some even write long and usually incoherent books that they sell to each other. There is no shortage of paranoia in an under-educated and over-informed population.

  13. OK, this woman said that on Jan 13th and Feb 14th she had "awakenings" . I do believe that she is confusing "awakenings" with psychotic breakdowns, which made her completely delusional!

  14. Colleen you say you are the mother.

    Some of you say you come from another “dimension”, some from other “Galaxies” and some from “Sirius”. You mention that you each speak for the group of energy you represent!

    I shall not go further, since if you were who you truly are, you would of automatically have known who I really “AM” and who I represent. I am no longer hiding. I know the Power my Higher-Self has and why it had to stay dormant. http://www.theuniversallawofcreation.blogspot.comhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Universal-Law-of-Cr

  15. These are just some I found:

    Raëlism created by Claude Vorilhon

    SaLuSa is channeled by Mike Quinsey of England.

    Commander Sohin is channeled by Kris-Won.

    The Spiritual Hierarchy is channled by Sheldan Nidle.

    Commander Mari-el Novios channels the Ashtar Command.

    Commander Soltec is channeled by Dr. Edwin M. Young.

    Mira of the Pleiadian High Council is received by Valerie Donner.

    and more….

  16. I am a Spiritual Teacher who teaches you how to connect and create whatever you want. Although most of you ninety-seven (97%) percent seem unable to connect or create whatever you want, it is your birthright to command it. It all has to do with a Secret Society that entered our civilizations thousands (1,000s) of years ago.

    If you were who you truly are, you would of automatically know who I really “AM” and represent. I am no longer hiding.

    I was known as the High Adamant Counsellor and Advisor L-rd Master…

  17. I am one (1) of those that escaped the Great War, when we were betrayed; I have taken the form of many in this third (3rd) dimensional reality.

    The war is still going on. I have found others that have served along side of me.

    In Book III, IV and V I leave hidden Codes that those who truly are who they say will figure out how to save this dimension.

    This is my physical vessel that I once in a while communicate through.

  18. I know who you truly are.

    Satan, Lucifer or the other name you use on her has never been a threat nor has ever been the King or Prince of the Underworld and never was. You who call yourselves Christian have been mislead for years to who the real enemy is. Do your own research and you will see. Lucifer is a minor problem. Lucifer is the distraction so that you do not see what is truly going on.

    Peace and Love

    ג 'ינו

    • Gino,

      Tell the Christians about all the DNA programs and their false god Thoth.
      If you don't know what I'm talking about, dig very deep, its very, very ugly.

      I am Horus, Son of Isis

    • she is actualy psychic , unable to escape the the flesh and only human like the restof us. Interpretation can prove verry difficult for psychics, espesialy if they have been misslead in any way.

  19. Without being judgemental and only looking for truth, what do you say about those who believe these entities are demons masquerading as aliens to break down our belief and relationship with Jesus Christ?

  20. The aliens plan is to clone her enough times so that every male who wants one will have one for fulltime sex, while they take over! Can't wait to get mine!

  21. I've watched a lot of her videos and most of what she says is a regurgitation from other sources….in other words she has done her home work and put a BIT of a different twist on it. I definitely believe we are not alone, that we have been visited and even have aliens that have been on this planet for THOUSANDS of years….look at your history…closely…the proof is there! BUT….all that being said…I take anything that anyone says (Colleen included) with a BIG grain of salt until I can obtain indisputable proof! I think the best thing we can do as a race is put our petty bickering to the side and come together….I think once that happens all sorts of other doors will start to open for us…just my opinion!

  22. Lar said 95% of her information is correct. Everything she is saying is on the Internet, where do you think she gets all of her information. Come on people take the time and do your own research and you will find everything she is saying…………..

    And the only reason guys watch her videos is her boobs, that's the only reason I do it. She wears those tops to get guys attention…………

    • lol, you are 100% correct @ wallace , besides she didnt even mantion anything of the anunnaki gods lol, wich by the way our ancestors did state the rebelious beings as the GUTIUMS

    • I think she has read Harry Turtledove's series about an alternate history wherein a race of lizard aliens invade the earth in the early years of WWII and become co-residents of the planet after a nuclear war. She has just altered the story a bit to fit her own deluded thinking. But I must say she does have nice boobies.

  23. "Good aliens will kill Obama in India". Well that didn't work out did it? LOL.

    Colleen Thomas is an MK Ultra drone. "Don't look at the strings, don't look at the puppeteer, just open wide and swallow everything I tell you". Same pattern every time – they mix the "talk of the day" together from existing political, spiritual & Galactic disclosure websites, and twist it into partisan hate to keep the populace attacking each other and rile up the religious folks with talk of "x is a satanist". Not working anymore – we've wisened up to "the game", and we can now see the strings. Go back to your handler Colleen.

  24. my boyfriend was trying to tell me he was a dam alien because he felt different and that was after this bull****. it just doesnt make sence

  25. I would like to ask those with open eyes….to acknowledge those that are closed…and direct your love and stength to those that “are seeing”….
    Even a blind person can see truth..Through the darkness….
    peace and hope to us all…julio

  26. Hey Colin, no worries , my mom embarrasses me on the daily. question…are you stoked to be a Pialedian? is what your mom says true? These people are right, what she said is available to anyone that is interested in the subject.

  27. Colleen I have extremely important information that I need to share with you. I have emailed you at the following email address – colesakick@yahoo.com. Please reply to my email or email me with your correct information with the email I provided to post this message.


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