MONGOLIA  –  A Chinese airport was forced to shut down because of a UFO seen hovering nearby.

An airport in Baotou, Inner Mongolia was forced to shut down because air traffic controllers were afraid that passenger jets were going to crash into a UFO.

Three flights to Baotou from Shanghai and Beijing were reportedly forced to circle the airport until the UFO disappeared.

Two other flights were diverted away from Baotou and to the nearby cities of Ordos and Taiyuan. The airport was shut for around an hour “to guarantee safety” according to a spokesman.

Witnesses reported a bright light shining in the sky around two-and-a-half miles away from Baotou airport, before suddenly vanishing.  Several witnesses say they saw “little blue men” hovering in the sky as well.   The “little blue men” were seen floating outside the UFO.

The incident was the eighth reported UFO sighting in China since the end of June.  Authorities don’t know why aliens are targeting China and its people, but local Chinese astrologers say it is because China has been chosen as the place where aliens have chosen to land and set up their new civilization.

Here’s a shot of one of the UFOs.

Xiaoshan International airport near the eastern city of Hangzhou was shut down on July 8 because of a UFO, although officials later confirmed the object sighted above the airport had been part of a military test at a nearby airbase.

In the far-western province of Xinjiang, another sighting on June 30 is thought to have been a missile test.

A number of sightings in Sichuan province may also be linked to the local custom of flying illuminated kites at night.

Here’s the UFO video from last night:


And here’s the video from July:


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  1. they are out there????and if you don't think so.Count all the stares in the milky way,a for everyi trillon stars one has life on it. May not be like us ,but there is life.BET ON IT???????

  2. These aliens should close all the chinese airports that way maybe the Chinese will decide to buy california so we can finally get rid of Nancy pelosi

  3. STupid people! our government already have these type of technologies. they will use it to say that its aliens! and a NWO will arrived. you believing in false reality


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