BELGRADE – A Bosnian man claims he is being targeted by aliens after a sixth meteorite strikes his house.
Radivoke Lajic, 50, first came to international attention in 2008, shortly after the fifth meteorite  crashed into the roof of his house in the northern village of Gornji Lajici. And now, another rock has hit the roof of his house – making it six strikes since the plague of meteorites began in 2007.  Experts have no idea why Lajic is being targeted.
Lajic has his own explanation. “I don’t know what I have done to annoy them but they are out to get me.” Lajic’s neighbors say he’s also said that red bunny rabbits have been out to get him and that characters on the popular U.S. drama “Law & Order” are sending him threatening messages.
Lajic, who usually wears tin-foil on his head, has reinforced the roof on the house to protect it from the alien bombardment. He funded construction by selling one of the meteorites to a university in the Netherlands. This caused quite a stir in Holland, “who’s the imbecile who spent all that money on a rock?” said Professor Gerg Durgman of the University of Limburg.
“They are playing games with me. I don’t know why they are doing this. I can’t sleep because I know they will throw another meteorite at me.” Lajic said. “It’s all their fault.”
Weekly World News has been communicating with the aliens through Mel Gibson. The aliens tell a different story. “He started it!  Some of our aliens were in Belgrade and wanted to see the Nikola Tesla museum when this nutcase started throwing rock at them. It’s his fault!”
Lajic said that he’s never throws rocks, unless he drinks non-fat milk. “That milk makes me want to throw things.  But I would never throw a rock at an alien, I’m not a moron.”
Aliens, however, have confirmed that Lajic is, in fact, a moron.  “The guy has an IQ of 57.  So, until he stops throwing rocks at our people in Bosnia, we’re going to keep chucking meteorites at his house.”
Lajic says that the meteorite strikes only happen when it’s raining.  “Some of our Bosnia aliens thought that the rain would scare Lajic more,” said an alien through Mel Gibson. “But the guy still doesn’t get it.  So we’re just going to have throw meteorites in all kinds of weather.”
Surprisingly, the meteorites haven’t been all bad for Lajic. “They’ve brought happiness to my family, as we’ve met different people from around the world,” he said. “And I have had so many visitors that I plan to make a small museum in my back garden.”
As soon as Lajic finishes his museum and garden, the aliens plan on hurling their biggest meteor at him yet. “I think this guy has rocks in his head,” said one Bosnian alien.

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