SANDOUPING, CHINA – Seven alien spaceships from Planet Gootan landed in this town near the Yangtze River in China.

 Citizens of Sandouping have seen UFO activity before, but there has never been a reported landing of alien spaceships.

Chinese authorities have confirmed to Weekly World News that seven spaceships landed near the Three Gorges Dam and “thousands” of aliens were seen exiting the ships. Then… they all disappeared.

“It’s typical behavior of Gootans,” said Dr. Banesh Bannerjee, a lead extraterrestrial expert at the United Nations.  “We have studied video of the spaceships landing and can confirm that the ships that landed were from, in fact, from Planet Gootan.

Dr. Bannerjee told Weekly World News that there have been “pockets of Gootans” on our planet since October 2003. “We have had reports of Gootans in Antarctica and parts of Subsaharan Africa, but we were never concerned. But now, this seems to be the beginning of an invasion.”


The Gootans are an aggressive colonizing interplanetary force that has been traveling through the universe, conquering beings on every planet they land on. NASA feels that the Gootans may be about to make their move to dominate Earth. “This development could be even bigger than Climate Change.

The Gootan mothership

The Gootans are known as giants through the Milky Way because they are normally 10 to 20 times larger than any beings they encounter on other planets. But when the first arrived on Earth they were only about 2 feet tall. “This may have something to do with our atmosphere,” said Dr. Joyti Aggwalla from NASA. “When they realized how small they were in relation to Earthlings, they became extremely agitated. And now they are back… and ready to fight.”

Many citizens of Sandouping are panicking after the Gootan landing. “We don’t know what is happening? We are all scared. Everyone is running, but we don’t know which way to go,” said Lu Ton Bonchon.

Is there any good news?  “Well, the good news is that the landing may attract attention from the Zeebans, aliens that landed on Earth in November, 2018,” said Dr. Aggwalla.  “The Zeebans are good aliens who have come to Earth to help our citizens battle Gootans, and to treat our planet, and each other, better.”

Zeeban spaceships were spotted just beyond our Moon – as of last night.

A Gootan fighter spaceship


Dr. Bannerjee went on to say that the Gootans are probably heading to Hong Kong to take part in the protests against the Chinese government.  “The Gootans see an opportunity to be a true disruptive force. They probably feel if they can take over China, the rest of the world will fall easily.”

Clear and unambiguous sightings are taking place every day across the country. Only a week ago two enormous almost blinding lights hovered over Wuhan. The lights were seen by thousands of Chinese citizens and the footage is rapidly spreading across the Internet where some viewers are dubbing them “lights of doom”.

“That’s exactly why the Zeebans are on their way,” said Bannerjee.  “They are the ‘light of hope’ of mankind. Let’s hope they get here soon.”

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