DiVA Christian has the biggest butt in the world!

OXFORD, MS – Diva Christian can’t imagine anything worse than dieting. Her massive bottom is 5ft 3ins across and weighs a whopping 120 pounds – about the same as Lindsay Lohan holding twenty pounds of coke.
Diva loves her butt.

“I am literally sitting on a goldmine,” says Diva, 32. “My butt is the widest in the world and it already earns me over $250,00 a year. I used to hate it, but now it’s my fave feature.”


Diva knows how much her bottom weighs because four men lifted her up and flopped her butt down on a set of industrial scales while holding up the rest of her.  At its widest point, it’s 14ft 9ins around. And now, she’s on a mission to make it even bigger.

Diva’s total weight is 425 lbs and at 5ft 4ins tall her Body Mass Index is 85. That’s four times more than an average woman and it puts her at risk of high cholesterol, diabetes and heart problems.
“I’m not concerned,” she insists. “I love my body and wouldn’t change a thing.”

However, Amanda Jefferson of Atlanta has something to say about Diva’s claim for the biggest butt:

But Amanda just isn’t wide enough. Diva and Amanda both were inspired by Kim Kardashian back in 2013. “Once I saw that people loved Kim’s big butt,” said Diva. “Well, that got me going. So I set a goal to be the world’s best.”

Diva says nearly everything she eats goes to her bottom and to maintain its huge size she consumes a shocking 9,000 calories a day – more than four times the recommended intake for women. “The more I eat the bigger this beauty gets,” says Diva.


She hasn’t always been so proud of her butt, though. Growing up in Texas, she says it was the bane of her life. A skinny child, her weight ballooned when she hit puberty.

“Suddenly I went from size 12 jeans to a size 18, then 20 then 22, while on top I remained a size 14. Kids at school can be so cruel, calling me Big Butt Bertha, Butt-Head and Bottom Feeder. I’d sit at the back of class and wait until everyone else left the room because my butt often got stuck in the chair.

“I could barely run, so PE was a nightmare. I’d get my mother to write notes saying I had cramps or sore knees. I tried wearing Spanx to contain my bottom but they didn’t work. I went to the prom by myself and left school feeling depressed, lacking confidence and hating my body,” she recalls.
Diva tried endless diets, including drinking just diet shakes, the cabbage soup diet and ­Weight­Watchers. But nothing worked.

“My mother Carol took me to see the doctor and he said I needed to diet and exercise more. Mom told me some of my cousins had big bottoms and perhaps it was genetic. All I ­did was hide under big dresses and comfort-eat.”


Diva started work at a law firm. “It was hard as my behind was getting wider as was my appetite. I couldn’t fit into the office chairs. I hated it.

“Then a doctor told me I could diet but the weight probably wouldn’t shift. I could have liposuction but it would take multiple surgeries then I’d need more to fix the hanging skin. It would cost more than $50,000.”

Earning just $28,000 a year, Diva was devastated. “I tried to get new jobs but the prettier, smaller girls always beat me even though I was more qualified. ­I knew it was because of my size,” she says.
Then her second boyfriend, who she met in 2013, made her realize she should love her bottom. After the second date he admitted he was attracted to very large women.

“He was throwing all these phrases at me I didn’t understand. He explained he was a ‘fat admirer’ and loved large women and said that in his books I was a BBW – a Big, Beautiful Woman,” she says.


“That night he showed me forums on the internet dedicated to big girls. Some weighed up to 400 pounds. There were super-sized girls in lingerie proudly flashing their flab. Suddenly my world changed. I’d discovered a place where women like me were not only accepted but adored.”
She made friends with other big girls who were sure her wide bottom would be a hit. So in February 2008, she decided to take the plunge and post some pictures online.

“I weighed 300 pounds and was sick of my boring life. I’d just come out of another failed relationship so I decided to take control,” she says.

“I had a girlfriend take some pictures of me and posted them on a forum. Within 48 hours I was inundated with emails from fans around the world wanting to know if they could buy my pictures.”
Diva admits she was scared and thrilled at the same time.

“But I decided to go for it. I started selling pictures and videos of me and my butt online. I offered special membership rates of up to $40 a month and would send people two picture sets of up to 30 images. For extra, they’d get a video and I charged even more for instant message chats.”


Diva has built up her empire and now has more than 15,000 fans. Her bottom has paid for an apartment, a big car (with extra-large seats), holidays, designer clothes and gifts for her friends.

However, having the world’s widest butt doesn’t come without its problems. She can’t sit on normal chairs or stools – ­she takes up a ­two-seater sofa – so she does a lot of her computer work in bed. She has a supersized stool, but even with that her bottom sticks out 8ins at the back and 9ins each side.

Diva also requires ­extra-wide changing rooms in shops.

“Sometimes I can’t try on clothes as I literally can’t fit,” she says. “I need toilets with seats for big people and sometimes I get stuck in bathtubs,” Diva says. She says she gets a lot of clothes made to order in size 36-40, especially her pants.

“I hate shopping in supermarket aisles that have cans and displays sticking out because I end up knocking them over. At restaurants, I have to sit in a booth for three people and push the table to the other side. I don’t use buses – I have to turn sideways just to get through the door.”

She has a serious fear of getting stuck in the toilet on a train ­or plane.

“One time I got stuck and the flight attendant had to pull me out. I laugh now but ­it makes you ­realize the seats ­need to ­be bigger for us ­large girls.”


For now, the woman with the world’s widest butt, has no plans to stop modeling or change her lifestyle. “I earn tens of thousands, I have thousands of fans ­and those kids at college who ­teased me are all in dead-end jobs.

She says: “I never ask people if my butt looks big in this. I ask them if it’s big enough… the bigger the better.”

Thanks to Alley Einstein in Oxford for additional reporting.

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