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NEW YORK, NY – Two of the world’s hottest celebrities are showing a little something extra in a new Armani campaign!

Update: Full Megan Fox commercial can be found below.

Cristiano Ronaldo is perhaps the envy of every man on earth and the fantasy of every woman. It’s debatable whether or not he is the best soccer player on the planet right now, but one thing is for certain – God blessed him with some above average looks. His antics on the field are questioned by many, but his antics off the field don’t get the same criticism – at least not from the ladies. Ronaldo might give Mike “The Situation” a run for his money when it comes to taking your shirt off … Ok we’re kidding but he’s a close second. Ronaldo’s latest Armani ad has the soccer star as close to naked as it can get.

Ladies enjoy … Men can scroll down…

Megan Fox …. Ahhhh Megan Fox! The former Transformers’ star (what a shame, the only reason we went to see those movies) is able to snap a man’s neck in record time. Fox’s stunning beauty is unparalleled and her hotness can put the sun to shame. Her acting isn’t exactly Oscar worthy – not yet at least – but most of the times her looks pick up the slack. Armani hit two home runs by signing Ronaldo and Fox. Below is Fox’s newest Armani ad, in which she leaves a little something to the imagination – settle down boys!