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NEW YORK, NY – Tiger Woods has won over everyone yet and has received some harsh criticism from a popular sports announcer!

Jim Nantz is CBS’ lead golf announcer and you probably heard him this past weekend if you watched any of the Masters. Nantz is known for being a calm and collected personality with a much restrained voice during his telecasts. Well he could not bite his tongue when it came to Woods and was less than pleased with his antics, calling them “disappointing.”

“If I said what he said on air, I would be fired,” Nantz told Mike Francesca on New York’s WFAN on Monday. “I read in the USA Today and it was called ‘mild language.’ Someone on my broadcast dismissed it as him having a camera in his face. Well, guess what? Phil Mickelson had a camera in his face all week and did you ever hear him come close to approaching that? He didn’t hit every shot the way he wanted. Have you ever heard Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus use that kind of language? What are the parameters between what’s right or wrong?”

To clarify what Nantz is referring to, Tiger used some less than appropriate language after one of his tee shots. When the shot didn’t go as planned for Tiger, he could he heard screaming, “Tiger Woods, you suck,” followed by “God d****t.” Tiger Woods had promised to clean up his on course behavior ranging from club smashing to foul language. Although not as extreme as some of his past tirades, it certainly bothered some, including Nantz.

Nantz continued: “People can say, ‘Oh, but that’s Tiger, that’s his competitive fire.” Everybody on the leader-board, you don’t think they want a victory as much as he does?”

Perhaps Nantz is being too critical or perhaps Woods was out of line. Whatever your opinion may be, the fact remains that Woods will be under an incredible microscope for the foreseeable future.

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