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On Thursday July 11, 2013, Congress is beginning impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama.

Members of Congress are reportedly beginning impeachment against Barack Obama based on the grounds of lying about Benghazi, the IRS scandal and attacking the press. unauthorized use of the military in Libya and Syria.  Congress is also looking into his involvement the unauthorized use of the military in Libya and Syria and the Fast and Furious scandal.


According to Congressional representatives Barack Obama has violated the Constitution by violating the 1st Amendment, the 4th Amendment and the 10th Amendment (and may have violated more).  Congressmen told WWN that the President took an oath to uphold the Constitution and he is bound to do so.

With regard to Libya and Syria: the rules that clearly state that the President must seek Congressional approval before using military force.  Now he says it was OK because he had international support.  “But how does that make it okay?  They aren’t our Congress.  They don’t determine what is right or wrong for us,” said a prominent Republican Congressman.

Sources close to aides in Congress say the Constitution clearly states “any use of military force by Obama without explicit consent and authorization of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, Section 4.”

Republicans are pushing a resolution through Congress, which has been highly underreported by mainstream media, to look into further actions to be taken against the President.  Since it explicitly states in the Constitution that the President must ask permission from Congress to use military forces in another country, sources say there is clear cause for impeachment.

While an impeachment can be a strain on our country and may not be necessary in an election year – Republicans are still moving ahead with it.

“The days of Czars and Executive orders in order to sidestep Congress should end and if it takes an impeachment to do that, well…  it is something I and many other Americans would support,” said another prominent Republican Congressman.

“We have a President who believes our Constitution is just a ‘historical document’ that is not fit to determine how our country is run anymore,” said the Congressman.

Democrats, obviously, are opposing the impeachment effort but sources close to Republican leaders say that they are “moving full speed ahead” because “we need something to keep us busy until the next election.”

Stay tuned… it’s going to be a wild summer 2013.