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WASHINGTON – Obama is shaking up his White House staff and wants an “Alice In Wonderland” theme for his re-election year.

President Obama is planning a real “Tea Party”  in the White House. with characters from the Lewis Carroll novel, Alice In Wonderland.  “The President feels his White House will run just as effectively with The Mad Hatter as it does with Bob Daley and the rest of his current staff,” said a source close to the White House.

“White House officials were nervous to reveal the ‘new direction’ of the White House, especially with the state of the economy.  “The President was worried how average Americans might perceive his radical move, but he thinks that everyone needs to lighten up a bit and if he has a ‘fun” White House, then perhaps everyone will have more fun all across America,” said a White House.

Michelle Obama is getting into the new Alice theme at the White House, though she is having trouble with the Queen of Hearts.

Many staffers seemed very enamored with The White Rabbit for some reason.

Johnny Depp – as The Mad Hatter – will be President Obama’s new Chief of Staff.

And Nancy Pelosi will be part of the White House Tea Party.

 Harry Reid will be floating above the White House every day.