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DOVER – Upset with Bill Maher for exposing her witchcraft comment, Christine O’Donnell put a hex on him.

Double, double toil and trouble!!

Friday Bill Maher released footage of Christine O’Donnell’s 1999 confession about dabbling in witchcraft in her teens. She did soon his then ABC show, ‘Politically Incorrect.” The Republican nominee for the Delaware Senate seat has cancelled every scheduled appearance since.

O’Donnell’s campaign has been forced to respond to the witchcraft allegations in her absence.  According to her political staff, she cancelled her appearances to attend church and then a Republican Party picnic held in held in Sussex County.

But the real reason that O’Donnell has been absent is that she has been busy stirring a big boiling pot containing strange, evil and terrifying ingredients. She has already put a “Double-Super-Duper Hex” on Bill Maher.

Look at the picture below. This was taken last night in Hollywood:

Maher appears to be enjoying a lovely evening out with a hot woman in a hot red outfit.  But watch out, Bill!!  That is not a hot woman in red, she is a flying monkey in disguise!

And little flying monkeys have been seen shooting out of Bill Maher’s butt all day. Maher was scheduled to go to Cedars Sinai Hospital to get it checked out, but he canceled his appointment. “I like having flying monkeys shooting out of me. Keeps everyone around me on their toes. Thanks Christine!”

Bill took the woman back home and she tried to bite off his head.  Christine O’Donnell has claimed responsibility for the flying monkey woman.  But there is more… O’Donnell has cast an evil spell that will slowly shrink Maher. By this time next week he will only be seven inches tall.

In public O’Donnell continues to deny that she is a witch.  But she is working feverishly to create a potion that will turn Chris Coons into a toad on the eve of the election. You can already see the signs that Coons is changing into an amphibian.  Look for yourself:

O’Donnell was last seen on a broom over Smyrna.