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PHOENIX, AZ – There is trouble in Arizona as daddy’s little girl does not agree with the new immigration law!

The new Arizona Immigration Law, backed by Republican Senator John McCain, has been met with a lot of criticism. The law allows officers to request immigration documents from individuals whom they deem “suspicious.” Some of the criticism against it is that it will open the door for racial profiling. Meghan McCain, daughter of the senator, has come out and taken a different stance than her father.

Meghan joined the masses that disagree with the law and has called it “seriously flawed.” She also went so far as to say that the new legislation gives officers “a license to pull someone over for being Hispanic.”

“I believe it gives the state police a license to discriminate, and also, in many ways, violate the civil rights of Arizona residents,” Meghan wrote in her column, “Hate the Law, Not Arizonans,” published at The Daily Beast. “Simply put, I think it is a bad law that is missing the bigger picture of what is really going on with illegal immigration.”

Her father, however, shares a different opinion. He has gone ahead and said that the new law is a “good tool” for law enforcement. Despite the criticisms toward the law and whether it can stand up to legal scrutiny, the senator said that lawmakers “acted out of frustration because the federal government didn’t do its job.”