LOS ANGELES, CA – One celebrity known for his pirate antics on-screen, has taken it one step further with the purchase of his own pirate ship!
Johnny Depp is wildly popular for portraying captain Jack Sparrow in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. The actor has taken his love for the franchise a step further by purchasing his own pirate-ship in the Caribbean.
The 156-foot luxury yacht is fitted to meet the desires of any pirate enthusiast with velvet wall hangings and furniture in rich burgundies and gold. Depp named the yacht “Vajoliroja, which is a combination of the first letters of the names of his family – girlfriend Vanessa Paradis (“Va”), himself (“Jo”), his daughter Lily Rose (“LiRo”) and his son Jack (“Ja”)
For those that are looking for their ideal ship to set out to sea and fulfill their pirate aspirations, Depp’s boat is available – for a price. A one week stay aboard the yacht, which can host up to 11 guests and a crew of eight, could you $130,000. The price drops to roughly $110,000 in the low season. Pennies compared to the thrill one could experience living out their boyish fantasies.

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