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WASHINGTON, DC – A government think tank has come up with a plan to put $10,000 cash in every family’s pocketbook… and key congressional leaders are meeting with President Barack Obama to consider it!

The exciting plan, which has been kept under wraps since it was first suggested in June, is based on the belief that giving money to every adult citizen in the country would stimulate mass spending, giving the economy a boost and creating millions of new jobs. The money would be a no-strings-attached gift, with the only condition that it must be spent on American-produced goods and services. It is believed it will bring America out of the recession, to join countries like England that are already recovering.

“They’re expecting unemployment levels to plummet as people start spending the extra money,” said a congressional source familiar with the elements of the new plan. “All sectors of the economy will have to tool up to produce durable goods and luxuries for the marketplace as consumers rush out to buy, buy buy.

“For the average American, this is going to be an incredible windfall offering substantial long-term benefits. It’s a terrifically expensive plan that will tack on about $2.2 trillion to the already swollen Federal deficit, but the experts believe we can make it all back in just a few years. They expect that once the upward economic spiral begins we will see a new era of prosperity that should last for years and years.”

The plan – dubbed the Cash Incentive Option – has already been discussed with select senators and congressmen, who appear to view the plan favorably, sources say. Even Republicans, who will fight it at the beginning, will be unable to say no to money for their state’s citizens.

“If this plan goes through – and it appears right now that it certainly will – every one of the 218 million adults in this nation will get a check for $10,000 in the mail. They’ll be able to spend the money any way they want – for vacations, as the down payment for a new house, for a new car, for clothes, anything at all.

“Yet unbelievably, this isn’t a giveaway plan. We’re expecting that every cent the government spends will be returned to the public coffers two or three times over. It’s a terrific idea and we have great hopes for it.”

A spokesman for the Obama administration refused to confirm or deny the existence of the cash award plan. However, it is expected to be announced shortly before the Labor Day weekend.