TYSON’S CORNER, VA – A man has been creatively punished by his wife for cheating on her, by confessing in public!
Earlier this week, drivers using one of the busiest intersections in the D.C. metropolitan area spotted a man standing by the road. Despite being in the hot August sun, he calmly stood in place while wearing a massive sign that read, “I CHEATED THIS IS MY PUNISHMENT”.
That man is William Taylor, who not only cheated on his wife but left incriminating evidence on his cell phone. After finding it, his wife decided he had to be suitably shamed before she could forgive him. So every morning this week, during the busy rush hour commute, Taylor has been standing sandwich board for all to see.
In an interview, Taylor said, “I thought she was kidding, but she was serious. I figured I got to do what I got to do to makes things right. So here I am.”
Today is his last day. His wife will text him when he is allowed to go home.
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  1. the poll sucks. the reasons behind yes or no suck. the fact that the affair was a private matter shouldnt excuse him from not receiving punishment. even if he didnt have to stand with the sign, he deserves punishment anyway. he obviously accepted the punishment because it was worth it to him over a breakup or whatever other punishment he wouldve had to undergo. infidelity is immoral but that has nothing to do with him needing to be publicly shamed or not being punished cause it was private mattter.

  2. When you consider what other women have done to get revenge on a cheating mate, William Taylor should count himself lucky. .
    At least his wife didn’t superglue his penis to his stomach like those 4 women in Wisconsin earlier this month
    At least his wife didn’t pour boiling water on his crotch like the New York wife a few weeks ago.
    At least she didn’t cut off his penis like Lorena Bobbitt did to her husband several years ago.
    It might have been embarrassing for Taylor to stand there with a sign around his neck proclaiming his infidelity for all the world to see, at least he wasn’t harmed in any way.
    And I bet he’s learned his lesson by now.
    A scorned woman can come up with all kinds of creative ways to get revenge on a cheating mate.
    Check out some of the examples in this article on How Betrayed Wives and Other Infidelity Victims Get Revenge on Their Cheating Mates at http://bit.ly/vrQ7v

  3. Bring back the stocks I say, and oh yes, the cane (yes I've had six of the best) to publicly shame bad behaviour. It would make everyone think twice, ask any child who ever sat on a naughty step, or, in my age group, who ever had to face the corner throughout lessons, knowing every eye was on them, boring in their back. Or, was forced to sit and do a hundred lines, whilst classes came and went and carried on as normal, as they stayed behind to finish all their lines. Having to endure the giggling and tittering at them, actually works, and most of us only go there once! Those that persisted with the same offences, were usually considered seriously sad! Shame, like a minor burn, is a very healthy learning technique. We shy away from the cause of it again.

  4. there are some truly sick women out there.
    the world gets to know about you when you have all the power in your hands to mete out justice. we now see what kind of woman she is.
    he needs to divorce her immediately after she texts him.

  5. there should be no public punishment most of the cars that drove by him are probably cheating husbands or boyfriends, or even girlfriends and wives cheat but to men tell them to stand in public with signs? i say if it is that bad then meet another man who wont cheat, this wife is dumb because she will take him back, u think standing in public with a sign will keep his penis in his zipper? noooooope. all i know the only punishment that should be taken place is leaving him and never look back, no one deserves to be cheated on (and im a man)


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