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Here’s one my grandson told me: “What’s the difference between Jesus and Obama? Jesus knew how to build a cabinet!”

The Communist-in-Chief says he’s gonna create millions of jobs, but he can’t even fill the jobs at the White House.

The cops just raided the house of one fellow he picked. Still another guy he hired had to quit before he even started: turns out he said 9/11 was our fault and the Chi-coms should’ve run over more kids with more tanks in that Teenieman Square.

Are the only people Obama knows crazy or crooks or both? Maybe he should just do like everyone else — drive down to Home Depot and pick up a dozen Mexicans.  They’d work a lot cheaper than the Communist-in-Chief’s fancy friends. And they could tend the Rose Garden on the side – that marijuana for Obama’s unicorn doesn’t grow itself!

I’m surprised the Communist-in-Chief hasn’t just hired Bernie MadeOff to run Fort Knox. At least we know in advance he’s a crook!

Then after all that, Chicago Midway airport is already changing its name to “Barack Obama International.” Hell, the Battle of Midway practically went on longer than Obama’s been President.

As a red, white and blue blooded veteran of Pork Chop Hill myself, I’m angry as all get out. But then again, changing the name from a winning battle to this loser President kinda fits. Airports are where they steal your stuff, won’t tell you what’s really going on, treat you like a criminal and charge you ten bucks for coffee.

Sounds like Obama’s America to me!