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MANCHESTER, NH – An odd-looking cat called “Ugly Bat Boy” was revealed to the world last week. But is he related to Bat Boy in more than just name?

Ugly Bat Boy, or “Ugly” to his friends, is a bizarre cat that lives at the Exeter Veterinary Hospital in New Hampshire. He has made fans out of any visiting humans due to his bizarre appearance: he is completely bald except for long, flowing fur on his chest.

Weekly World News received an e-mail this morning from an anonymous address with the above picture attached. It appears Bat Boy snuck into the veterinary office Sunday night to meet his successor.

What the two communicated to each other will never be known, but Bat Boy took a photo of them together before fleeing the scene. He left behind drawings of the two boys frolicking through swamps hand-in-paw.

Are the two related? Is Ugly Bat Boy actually Bat Cat?