LAS VEGAS, NV – Returning for a one night performance, magicians Siegfried and Roy took to the stage to dazzle audiences one last time.  For their final illusion, they made longtime rival Cher disappear.

At a special charity event, Siegfried and Roy performed again for the first time since Roy was injured by one of their signature white tigers six years ago.  For their final trick, the duo presented an empty cage, held a curtain over it for a moment, then removed it to reveal a white tiger.  They then replaced the curtain briefly, and removed it to reveal a confused and visibly disturbed Cher in the cage with the tiger.

Witnesses from the front rows could hear the Academy Award winning singer/actress say, “What…  Where am I?  What’s going on?”  Her speech and movements suggested she may have been drugged.

Raising the curtain one final time, the illusionists removed it to reveal an empty cage.  Cher’s whereabouts at this time are still unknown.

A heated rivalry has existed between the singer and the magicians for decades.  Though not officially documented, the rift is believed to have originated when Cher accepted her Academy Award in an outfit she stole from the German magicians.  Since then they have competed with increasingly flamboyant outfits, extravagant spectacle in their shows, and sheer volume of sequins on stage at any given time.  Her recent 200-show deal at Caesar’s Palace was seen as the final straw.

When news got around Las Vegas that the magicians had made Cher vanish, her most devoted fans went into an uproar.  Dozens of drag queens and Cher impersonators rushed to the theater.  Security guards were quickly trampled under stiletto heels in a violent frenzy of wigs and black fishnets.  However, the magicians had already left the building.

No charges have been filed yet for Cher’s apparent kidnapping.

Siegfried and Roy were last seen riding into the sunset on their white tiger, followed closely by a legion of angry drag queens.

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  1. NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cher certainally does not need to STEAL costumes from magicians….doubt this very much…..find Cher NOW!!!!!!

  2. No way! That explains why my pal James Karst found her in his closet about the same time on the night of the show. He said she's still there — refuses to come out of the closet. Weird. Thanks WWN for your great reportage!

  3. Clearly the reporter got the story wrong. I was there! Cher was aware that she would be involved in the act that night and at first looked like she was having a good time. When they put her in the cage and turned her into Sonny – well, needless to say, neither she nor the audience was expecting that. I was very shocking! I must say Sonny looked great albeit still dressed for skiing and looking a little confused.

  4. Spectacular for Roy & Siegfried for what they did to Cher!I've Always said,Continue to say & Will Always say,ROY & SIEGFRIED HAPPEN TO BE THE BEST FOREVER!!!Deb.


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