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CANAL POINT, FL – After backing Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, Bat Boy is throwing his support behind someone more his size.

Damon Weaver is a precocious 10-year-old elementary school student who has fought his way onto the journalism scene. After notably securing a short interview with then Vice-Presidential nominee Joe Biden, Damon is aiming for the stars: he wants to interview President-Elect Barack Obama during his presidential inauguration!

Check out Weaver’s interview skills below:

Weaver has now been granted an inaugural press credential, but is still seeking the prized Obama interview. Masses of Weaver fans across the country have voiced their support, and Bat Boy has now joined the forces!

While Bat Boy cannot convey his plans through human language, it is presumed that he will attempt to use his sway with the President-Elect to get Weaver’s meeting. As Weekly World News readers know, Bat Boy officially backed Obama during his presidential campaign, giving him the vital mutant vote he needed to win Ohio and Florida, well known for their mobs of mutant citizens.

When reached for comment, Weaver said, “If I can get Bat Boy to back me, well anything’s possible!” Weaver and Bat Boy are rumored to have finalized their friendship by running off into the Florida swamps to catch mosquitoes together.

[Watch Weaver’s impassioned plea to the President-Elect below:]